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Miami Dolphins 2018 schedule rumors and leaks

NFL: Preaseason-Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The schedule is now officially released. Click here to see each kickoff time.

The NFL is expected to release the 2018 schedule at 8pm ET tonight, with coverage on NFL Network, but that does not stop rumors and leaks from happening between now and then. When it comes to the Miami Dolphins portion of the schedule, we will try to keep up with all of the rumors and leaks as they happen - though there is always the chance that a leak or rumor is not correct when the final version comes out.

One announcement the league has made thus far today has been the scheduling of the international games for this year. Miami will not be playing outside of the United States this season - which is a nice change. The three United Kingdom games for this year will be the Seattle Seahawks at Oakland Raiders in Week 6, the Tennessee Titans at Los Angeles Chargers in Week 7, and the Philadelphia Eagles at Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 8. The Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Rams will be played in Mexico City in Week 10.

The Dolphins’ 2018 opponents will be:

Home Games

Buffalo Bills
New England Patriots
New York Jets
Jacksonville Jaguars
Tennessee Titans
Chicago Bears
Detroit Lions
Oakland Raiders

Away Games

Buffalo Bills
New England Patriots
New York Jets
Houston Texans
Indianapolis Colts
Green Bay Packers
Minnesota Vikings
Cincinnati Bengals


  • Dolphins are believed to have asked the league to host Week 1. The team was set to open at home in Week 1 last year, but Hurricane Irma forced the game to be rescheduled to Week 11, and Miami did not play a true home game until October 8 - a day after the NHL’s Florida Panthers had their home opener for the year. Rumors have indicated the game could be the Dolphins hosting the Jaguars.
  • Speculation has the Dolphins playing the Patriots in Foxboro “late” in the season.
  • A similar “late” season game at the Green Bay Packers has been rumored. A leak on Wednesday that purported to show the Packers’ schedule indicated the game would be in Week 12, but the authenticity of that leak was never determined.
  • The Patriots are expected to host the Houston Texans in Week 1, which would take away both of those teams from being Miami’s hope opener.
  • The New York Daily News is indicating the Jets and Browns will face off in Week 3 (in Cleveland) on Thursday Night Football. That would eliminate the Jets from being on Miami’s schedule in Week 3.
  • Marc Bertrand is reporting the Dolphins will visit the Patriots in Week 4, which would contradict the previous rumor of a late season game in Foxboro:
  • RUMORED Week 4: Dolphins at Patriots
  • The full Jets schedule appears to have been leaked. According to the New York Post, the Jets will host the Dolphins in Week 2 and be at the Dolphins in Week 9. It also indicated the Jets will play at the Patriots in Week 17, which will mean the Dolphins will be playing the Bills in Week 17.
  • RUMORED Week 2: Dolphins at Jets
  • RUMORED Week 9: Jets at Dolphins
  • RUMORED Week 17: Dolphins at Bills
  • Continuing to hear rumors of Jaguars at Dolphins in Week 1, but nothing official/leaked.
  • A rumored leak of the Patriots schedule is floating around right now with the Dolphins at Patriots still in Week 4 and the Patriots at Dolphins in Week 7.
  • Picked up a couple of other rumors, with the Bears in Week 6, the Packers in Week 10, and the Patriots in Week 14 now.
  • A leak of the Giants’ schedule has the Jaguars playing in New York in Week 1, so that rumored Dolphins Week 1 game has been pulled off the rumored schedule.
  • Rumors have switched the Week 1 game to the Titans heading to Miami.
  • Joe Schad has reported the Dolphins will be at the Colts in Week 12.
  • Armando Salguero has reported the Dolphins in Minnesota and Lions at Dolphins dates. Salguero has also added that the Dolphins at Texans game in Week 7 will be a Thursday Night Football game on October 25.
  • Salguero has added the Raiders visiting Miami in Week 3. He also has added the Bills in Week 13.

Rumored Schedule (Dates shown are the Sunday of that week. Games scheduled for Thursday or Monday will be annotated):

Week 1 (Sept. 9): vs. Titans

Week 2 (Sept. 16): @ Jets

Week 3 (Sept. 23): vs. Raiders

Week 4 (Sept. 30): @ Patriots

Week 5 (Oct. 7): @ Bengals

Week 6 (Oct. 14): vs. Bears

Week 7 (Oct. 21): vs. Lions

Week 8 (Oct. 28): @ Texans (TNF, Oct. 25)

Week 9 (Nov. 4): vs. Jets

Week 10 (Nov. 11): @ Packers

Week 11 (Nov. 18): BYE

Week 12 (Nov. 25): @ Colts

Week 13 (Dec. 2): vs. Bills

Week 14 (Dec. 9): vs. Patriots

Week 15 (Dec. 16): @ Vikings

Week 16 (Dec. 23): vs. Jaguars

Week 17 (Dec 30): @ Bills