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New author joining the site!

Sueddeutsche Zeitung Holds Economic Summit Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

It is time to announce a new author joining The Phinsider team. Please join me in welcoming Andy Simancas, asimancas305, as our newest author. It took way longer for me to get everything set up to bring Andy on to the team, and he was incredibly patient, but it pays off today as he joins us.

Andy brings with him his degree in film, radio, and TV production, which could be a huge addition for the site. If the 305 in his name did not give it away, he is a big Miami sports fan, with the Heat, Dolphins, Panthers, and Marlins all represented on his Twitter account, @asimancas305.

Give him a follow on Twitter.

I cannot wait to see his first articles start showing up on the site!

Once again, welcome Andy!