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Miami Dolphins 2018 draft picks

NFL: Preseason-Miami Dolphins at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has announced the official draft order for 2018, including the results from the coin toss held at the Scouting Combine, with the San Francisco 49ers getting the ninth overall pick while the Oakland Raiders fell to the tenth pick. The list of selections also includes the awarded compensatory picks and all completed trades.

That means trades like the agreed to deal between the Miami Dolphins and Los Angeles Rams, with Miami sending a fourth-round pick to the Rams for defensive end Robert Quinn, along with a swap of sixth-round picks, is not included in the order. That deal will become official on March 14, with the start of the new league year.

Miami’s current draft picks are:

  • First round - pick 11 - 11th overall
  • Second round - pick 10 - 42nd overall
  • Third round - pick 9 - 73rd overall
  • Fourth round - pick 11 - 111th overall*
  • Fourth round - pick 31 - 131st overall (from New England via Philadelphia)*
  • Sixth round - pick 9 - 183rd overall**
  • Seventh round - pick 5 - 223rd overall (from Tampa Bay)***
  • Seventh round - pick 11 - 229th overall

*One of the fourth-round picks will be sent to the Rams on March 14. The Dolphins received pick 131 from the Eagles in the Jay Ajayi trade.
**The sixth-round pick will be sent to the Rams on March 14 in exhange for one of the three sixth-round picks the Rams currently hold (pick 20 (194th overall), pick 21 (195th overall), or 24th (198th overall)).
***Miami received Tampa Bay’s seventh-round pick as part of a trade during the 2017 Draft with Tampa Bay getting Miami’s seventh-round pick that year and Miami adding Tampa Bay’s seventh round pick in 2017 and 2018.