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Jarvis Landry expected to sign franchise tag (still)

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

After it appeared wide receiver Jarvis Landry was considering not signing his franchise tag, Saturday night featured two separate reports that Landry has told the Miami Dolphins he will sign the tag. Signing the tag locks Landry into a one-year contract with the Dolphins, paying him around $16 million for the season. It is also a prerequisite if the Dolphins are to trade Landry, as the rumors seems to suggest.

Landry and the Dolphins have both been looking for a potential trade partner, with Landry expected to want a long-term contract from a new team (or the Dolphins if that can be worked out). The Dolphins likely want a high draft pick, a package of picks, or a key player in return for the three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver.

Rumors earlier on Saturday indicated the Chicago Bears and Dolphins were discussing a trade that would include Bears running back Jordan Howard, but those rumors were quickly debunked. A trade could still happen between the teams, but it appears Howard is not in any moves the Bears would want to make.

Landry and the Dolphins could negotiate a long-term deal after the franchise tag is signed, with a deadline to complete that contract in mid-July. However, the Dolphins are believed to have told Landry’s representation that they would consider playing Landry on the franchise tag, they do not plan to sign him to a long-term deal.

In other words, the Landry saga continues in Miami.