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Former Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga dies at age 80

FedEx BCS National Championship Game - Oklahoma v Florida Photo by Eliot J. Schechter/Getty Images

Rest in peace, H. Wayne Huizenga.

The former Dolphins owner and South Florida business man passed away on Friday. Huizenga was 80-years-old. No cause of death was released.

Huizenga, who owned the Dolphins from 1993 through 2008, created companies such as Waste Management, Blockbuster Video, AutoNation, and Swisher Hygiene. He was also instrumental in bringing hockey and baseball to South Florida, owning the Florida Panthers and the Florida Marlins during the 1990s.

Huizenga bought the Dolphins from the family of the late Joe Robbie, who had been the franchise’s first owner. Initially, Huizenga puchased 15 percent of the team in 1990, but then added the rest of ownership in 1993. In 2008, he sold 50 percent of the franchise and 50 percent of the stadium to Stephen Ross, who then went on to buy all but five percent of the remaining stake in both in 2009.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Huizenga.