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Have the Miami Dolphins Finally Fixed the Offensive Line?

We’ve tried everything. Law of averages says this’ll work.

Cleveland Browns v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Just looking at him visually, I’m more reminded of a viking about to slay the countryside with battle axes than a guard. Maybe an “extra” in the war battle in Braveheart, or a high-ranking Wildling in Game of Thrones. He looks like the love child of Hacksaw Jim Duggan and a frickin’ grizzly bear. Speaking of bears, he used to be a Chicago Bears offensive lineman. And speaking of Chicago Bears, Dowell Loggains used to be the offensive coordinator of the Chicago Bears while...wait for it...Josh Sitton was there!

Sitton (#71) does something we’re not used to seeing: he’s dominating the Baltimore Ravens in the trenches. He’d be as dominant throughout this October 2017 game, although not as splendidly on all the other plays.

Frankly, Sitton is a welcome addition for a team who has struggled asserting itself at the line of scrimmage.

(It just occurred to me that someone should check on FLY. We got a damn good guard. He might still be in shock. Elevate his feet and get him his Dolphins Snuggie from the basement. He’ll be fine.)

I was wrong about the offseason approach, in that, I didn’t think the front office and coaching staff valued guard play much. Last year had a solid group of guards hit free agency and we did nothing. I expected the same. I’m a little surprised we finally paid for guard, but I’m happy about it no question. My stance throughout it all has been: guard play might be the least important position on offense, but it can’t be a weakness either.

Question marks still plague the offensive line, and they will continue until we see a product on the field that changes our mind. We’ve seen too many Justin Smileys and Billy Turners to get too cocky about this. Laremy Tunsil and Ju’Wuan James are expected to play the bookends at a high level. No excuses for either player in 2018. Daniel Kilgore is likely a lateral move from Mike Pouncey, and Jesse Davis performed well enough to garner an extensive look at the right guard spot.

Considering how many times the Miami Dolphins have failed at fixing the offensive line, would it be that crazy, in a year where a 16 seed beats a 1 seed by 20 points during March Madness, that the Dolphins might just get the offensive line right for once?