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Dolphins give Jarvis Landry permission to seek trade

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Another day, another twist and turn in the ongoing Jarvis Landry saga.

Unfortunately for Dolphins’ fans, it appears that a long-term relationship with the team is less likely than ever before.

As Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports, Jarvis Landry is expected to sign his franchise tag in the coming days. He and his agent Demarius Bilbo will then seek a suitable trade partner, in hopes of receiving a lucrative long-term deal.

Jackson reports Miami’s original offer to Landry was somewhere around $13 million per year. Landry and his agent countered with a deal worth roughly $15 million per season, a number the Dolphins weren’t willing to entertain, and rightfully so.

In the end, it is anyone’s guess as to whether or not a team will trade for the Pro-Bowl wide receiver. And although unlikely, it is still possible Landry plays under the $16-million franchise tag in Miami next year.

Truth be told, it seems like Jarvis Landry’s days in Miami are numbered.