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Phinsider Radio Mailbag — Super Bowl Edition

Three internet nerds come together to talk about the Miami Dolphins while drinking beer. What can possibly go wrong?

Pro Bowl Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Sutton the MF’n Soccer Dad, MC Cash $$$ the Bird Man, and myself will be recording Phinsider Radio tonight. This week’s award-winning podcast will revolve around the Eagles improbable Super Bowl victory, and what it will take for the Miami Dolphins to someday hoist the Lombardi trophy.

We also discuss Josh McDaniels and give our opinion on the situation in New England. Is their reign atop the NFL finally coming to an end? God I sure hope so.

Please start posting your questions now! We’d love to answer as many questions as possible, and you can help us by getting a head start before we record tonight. Please submit questions by 9:00 PM EST!

You can tweet us at #PhinsiderRadio. Matt Cannata (@PhinsiderRadio), Houtz (@ Houtz), and Sutton (@Suttonlacesout) any other time.

This week’s edition will be up no later than Friday morning! We’ll post a link on the main page once it’s ready.