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NFL Draft 2018: First round order set and Dolphins’ picks

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The completion of the Super Bowl on Sunday ended the NFL’s 2017 season with the Philadelphia Eagles claiming the championship. That game also locked in the final order for the 2018 NFL Draft, with the New England Patriots locked into the 31st position and the Eagles sliding into the final pick in each round.

Below, you will find the full draft order for the first round of picks. In each subsequent round, the teams with identical final records will rotate their selections, with the team that picked first in the group moving to the last spot in the group, and each other team moving up one selection (i.e., the Broncos, Jets, Buccaneers, and Bears are all 5-11, with Denver picking first in the first round. In the second round, their order will be Jets, Buccaneers, Bears, Broncos.).

Pick nine and ten will be decided by a coin flip between the 49ers and the Raiders.

2018 NFL Draft First Round Order

1. Cleveland Browns (0-16)

2. New York Giants (3-13)

3. Indianapolis Colts (4-12, .4805 SOS)

4. Cleveland Browns (via Houston Texans, 4-12, .5156)

5. Denver Broncos (5-11, .4922)

6. New York Jets (5-11, .5195)

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-11, .5547)

8. Chicago Bears (5-11, .5586)

9/10. San Francisco 49ers / Oakland Raiders (6-10, .5117)

11. Miami Dolphins (6-10, .5430)

12. Cincinnati Bengals (7-9, .4648)

13. Washington Redskins (7-9, .5391, NFC common opponents)

14. Green Bay Packers (7-9, .5391)

15. Arizona Cardinals (8-8)

16. Baltimore Ravens (9-7, .4414)

17. Los Angeles Chargers (9-7, ,4570)

18. Seattle Seahawks (9-7, .4922)

19. Dallas Cowboys (9-7, .4961, NFC common opponents)

20. Detroit Lions (9-7, .4961)

21. Buffalo Bills (9-7, .4922)

22. Buffalo Bills (via Kansas City Chiefs, 10-6, .4766)

23. Los Angeles Rams (11-5, .5039)

24. Carolina Panthers (11-5, .5391)

25. Tennessee Titans (9-7, .4336)

26. Atlanta Falcons (10-6, .5430)

27. New Orleans Saints (11-5, .5039)

28. Pittsburgh Steelers (13-3, .4531)

29. Jacksonville Jaguars (10-6, .4766)

30. Minnesota Vikings (13-3, .4922)

31. New England Patriots (13-3, .4844)

32. Philadelphia Eagles (13-3, .4609)

The Dolphins’ 2018 Draft will feature eight draft picks (as of now). The overall pick number is not yet finalized, as the NFL will still allocate 32 conditional draft picks spread between the third and seventh rounds, which will adjust the number of picks in each round and the overall pick number. Here are the Dolphins’ picks for this year, with the pick number for each round indicated:

First Round/11
Second Round/10
Third Round/9
Fourth Round/11
Fourth Round/30 (From Minnesota via Philadelphia)
Sixth Round/9
Seventh Round/5 (From New Orleans)
Seventh Round/11

The Dolphins traded their fifth-round pick to the New Orleans Saints for linebacker Stephone Anthony. The team added the 30th pick in the fourth round when they traded running back Jay Ajayi to the Philadelphia Eagles. The team also added the fifth pick in the seventh round when they swapped seventh round picks with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2017.