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Jarvis Landry sending clues he may be out of Miami?

Oakland Raiders v Miami Dolphins Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on wide receiver Jarvis Landry this week, locking him up for the 2018 season with a salary around $16 million guaranteed for the season. At least, it appears to have locked Landry into being a member of the Dolphins for another year. The rapid move by the Dolphins to place the franchise tag on Landry as soon as they were able had many speculating about the signal Miami was sending.

Are they planning to get a long-term contract worked out with Landry, lowing the $16-million salary cap number for 2018? Are they trying to find a trade partner and move Landry in return for draft picks? Are they renting Landry for one year before committing to a long-term contract?

Any and all of those are possible, but the speculation continues to swirl that Miami is looking to trade Landry, and if they cannot find a partner, they will rescind the tag and allow the wide receiver to hit the open market.

And, now it appears Landry could be preparing for the same thing. Maybe we are all reading too much into things, but Landry is making moves with his personal website and with his charitable fund-raising that seem to indicate his belief that he could be leaving South Florida.

Our own Matthew Cannata, host of Phinsider Radio, noticed Landry took down the index page to his his website on Friday, having it redirect to the Go Daddy website:

Landry has also started a sale on his charitable fundraising efforts at Most of the things on sale are either colored in aqua and orange, or show his number 14.

Again, maybe we are reading way too much into nothing. Maybe Landry is taking down the index of his site in order to update it. Maybe he is just putting older items on sale to make space for new items coming this offseason.

Or maybe Landry believes he is done in Miami.

Whatever the case, there is still more to come in the Dolphins-Landry story this offseason.