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A Look At Some Opposing Phinsider Views

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings, readers. I’ve decided that this week, it’s time we took a look at the viewpoints of some of our fellow readers and writers here on the Phinsider board. As always, let’s have some fun while we’re at it.

First up, we’ve got ‘The Early Bird’, Chris Early. Chris is a veritable fountain of football knowledge; he’s probably forgotten more about football than most of us ever knew. The thing with Chris is, he’s not big on college quarterbacks -- this year or any other year. According to him, every draft in the past five years has been downright awful for QBs. The good news is, rumor has it that he thinks we can get a guy at the top of round two this year who *might* be able to make it onto the Dolphins’ practice squad. Next up, we’ve got Wild Zion Beaver who posed an interesting question to the board not long ago: why is it that we can draft centers who can play guard, tackles who can play guard and guards who can play center, but we can’t draft any guards who can play guard? That’s a great question if you ask me.

Next up, we have ‘The Looch’, Collucim. He wants to know why so many of us here are obsessed with only drafting defense. According to him, many of us believe that there should only be eleven guys on the 53 man roster who play offense; the rest should all be defensive players. Loach, buddy, I think you’re a little low there - I want at least fifteen guys who play offense and the rest of them on defense. Next, we have Fly, who says we don’t have enough linemen who can hold their own at the point of attack, on either side of the ball. He’s tired of watching Miami draft receivers, defensive backs and skill position players, instead of the big men in the trenches that decide the outcome of football games. I think he may be onto something here, and his catchy slogan, ‘Down With The Clowns’, is fantastic, in my humble opinion. Then, we have CT, who apparently believes that the only player on the team who ultimately determines whether they win or lose is the QB. CT is the driving force behind the #BlameTannehill movement on the Phinsider board, because, as we all know, he’ll never give Tannehill the credit he deserves.

Next, we have Sutton, who has a great sense of humor. Since we don’t discuss politics here on the Phinsider, Sutton gets around this rule by including a poll in just about all of his articles. Word has it that his approval ratings are quite high and that he may well have a future in public service someday. Shut up, Sutton, you’re stupid!Kris Jensen is an unabashed Tannehill supporter; say anything bad about Miami’s starting QB and you’re sure to draw his ire. Kris and I are making plans to attend a Dolphins home game, so we can have a tomato fight in the parking lot afterward, wearing protective safety goggles, of course.

Theodore Smith is decidedly pessimistic about the Dolphins’ long-term future, with the current front office that’s in place. Like many fans, he believes Mike Tannenbaum is making most of the decisions regarding player personnel and that GM Chris Grier is just a figurehead for the team. I enjoy watching Theo have a spirited debate with the other members of the Phinsider board. Finally, some of the Dolphins’ beat writers from the Herald and the Sun-Sentinel were at a Dolphins’ game a couple of months ago, and the following conversation was overheard: “Did you hear about this kook who keeps emailing everyone in the newsroom about the Dolphins? He keeps going on and on about how they don’t draft any defensive players in the first round, and that we’re having this big cover-up by not telling the public about it, etc. Calls himself ‘Craniator’ or something. Guy’s wearing a serious tinfoil hat... Man, I’m glad he’s up in Chicago, good place for him.”