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Phinsider Radio: Dolphins vs. Patriots, Xavien Howard, Laremy Tunsil and...Jim Harbaugh?

The Dolphins are 6-6 and hanging on by a thread in the AFC Wildcard picture. Can they continue their winning ways vs New England in South Florida?

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

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On this week’s episode of Phinsider Radio, Matthew Cannata, Aaron Sutton, and Joshua Houtz discuss the Dolphins upcoming matchup vs the New England Patriots.

Can the Dolphins keep their playoff hopes alive and defeat the team that has dominated them for nearly two decades? Will Xavien Howard play despite his recent injury? If not, how will Tom Brady and Bill Belichick attack the Dolphins mediocre defense? We give our predictions and discuss the keys to victory on both sides of the football.

Switching gears to the offseason, the Dolphins will have quite a decision to make on two of their young superstars. Will the Dolphins choose to pay shutdown cornerback Xavien Howard? Can they afford Laremy Tunsil who has yet to allow a sack in 2018?

Both players are critical to the team’s success moving forward, but can they do the right thing and re-sign both before their price tags become too much.

Lastly, we discuss the recent rumors about the Dolphins “blowing it all up” and the potential of Jim Harbaugh in Miami. If not Jim, what about John?

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