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Meme Central: Game 12

Fins defeat Tebow 2.0

Slide into yo DMs like...

All’s well that ends well, right fans?

While we’re lucky to have beaten the Buffalo Bills and their Tim Tebow version 2.0 (now with a stronger, inaccurate arm), think about this from a Bills fan perspective. They’re praying for a miracle win, the last play happens, a mad scramble ensues, there’s a deep heave, and the wounded duck pass wobbles into the hands of a wide-open TE Charles Clay in the endzone...who promptly drops it as he falls. [fart noise]

As a Dolphins fan, the tears of a division foe are delicious.

On to the fun stuff...

Kenyan Drake continues to do Kenyan Drake things, meaning make Bills players look silly.

Can’t Touch This

And let’s not forget the old man Frank Gore, who continues to defy Father Time as the lead RB in his mid-30s. Gore is old man strong.

Gray Beard

Speaking of RBs, it’s nice to see rookie Kalen Ballage getting more involved. Hopefully fans stuck around after the game to see the free concert the Drake & Future put on.

Drake & Future

CB Bobby McCain attacked Josh Allen like a ferocious predator.


Wait, scratch that... Bobby McCain attacked Josh Allen like THE Predator!


A quick shout-out to Ryan Tannehill who is getting reacquainted with Kenny Stills, as evidenced by their game-winning score.

Back in the saddle again

Seriously, that was an absolute dime that Tannehill dropped into Kenny’s hands.

March of Dimes