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Phinsider Radio: Miami Dolphins Beat the Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen, Ryan Tannehill’s Return, and More

What’s more appropriate for a Miami Dolphins game than mixed feelings?

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

*(Just click the play button right above and enjoy!)

If Charles Clay had caught Josh Allen’s wobbler in the Miami Dolphins win vs. the Buffalo Bills, it would’ve been all Phinsider Radio’s fault, as I (SUTTON) said Josh Allen isn’t very good and Charles Clay was unanimously voted as someone who “didn’t get better for another team”, contrary to what Jordan Phillips suggested.

I know all of you are perfect out there, so you wouldn’t know what it’s like to make a mistake, but you can watch Jordan Phillips gloat after making one as many times as you like!

On this episode of Phinsider Radio, we’ll discuss:

~Josh Allen and his future in the NFL: we heard on the broadcast that Josh Allen was someone who Adam Gase likely would’ve drafted - did the Dolphins dodge a bullet or is he going to be a force in the AFC East for years to come?

~What to make of Ryan Tannehill’s 5 TD, 1 INT return from his shoulder capsule injury

~State of the offense and defense following the victory

~Xavien Howard and whether it’s time to pay him

Let us know your thoughts down below in the Comments Section!!!

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