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Interesting “Burner Account” on Twitter Launches Grenades at Adam Gase

A “burner account” with a strong lean towards a current Miami Dolphins player had some disparaging remarks towards former Head Coach Adam Gase

Auckland New Year’s Eve 2018 Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images for ATEED


A good friend of mine gave me a tip about a possible “burner account” on Twitter early in the season. Combing through the account immediately gave legitimacy to the fact that this account seriously slanted toward a particular current Miami Dolphins player. The info felt “close to the well”.

Instead of outing the account initially and wasting an opportunity at possible free information, we laid dormant. And now, with Adam Gase’s firing, it seemed prudent to share...a little bit.

Within 3 hours of calling the Twitter account into question, the account went private and blocked all of its followers, approximately 75 people, including myself (and I was not following). Our close compatriot Matthew Cannata quoted the account verbatim while it was still publicly viewable:

We’ll be able to produce further evidence of this “burner account” specialized towards a particular Miami Dolphins player, whether that be a family member, friend, business representative, the actual player, or a combination of those people.

The burner account sides with the recent skepticism surrounding Adam Gase’s relationship with players, suggesting clear factions on the team, and the timeline paints a picture of a fractured locker room centered around certain favorites and preferential treatment. Admittedly, no locker room is perfect, but the timeline also spans longer than the last 3 weeks - it spans months.

Rambling nonsense of a fan or an in-season look at the slow crumbling of Gase’s last season with the Miami Dolphins? If it’s a fan, why would you block everyone and make the account private when all the original tweets did was give the Twitter account notoriety? The notoriety triggered a defensive, damage control reaction. Anyone who saw this account in the small window it was open knows that I’m not crazy to call BS: something is going on here.

More to come.