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Victory Monday: We have missed you

Dolphins are still in the playoff hunt

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

I know I’ve missed that victory Monday feeling. We won and that’s really all that matters. It may have not been pretty fans, but a win is a win. There are many other teams who would gladly trade out their loss from yesterday for our win. Let’s just take a look at the Packers right now. This is their interim head coach now, after losing to the Cardinals.

Enjoy that laugh? I know I did. So, like I said, I will gladly take the win. The Miami Dolphins beat the Buffalo Bills at home and, boy, did we ever need that victory.

Fan Base still Split

Believe it or not, the Miami Dolphins are still in the hunt for a playoff spot at 6-6. Yes, even after some terrible games and losing so many starting players, we still have a chance. Remember, many people didn’t think we would win more than 3-4 games. I know there are fans who laugh at the idea of playoffs. There are those fans who call other fans delusional, if they want to hold on to the hope of a playoff game. I saw someone tweet out that there are two types of fans: Ignorant and happy with being mediocre or fans who know what’s wrong and how to fix it to be a winning team. Why do we need to break fans into two groups? Yes, the Dolphins have been mediocre for many years, but what’s wrong with still wanting to see our team win? What qualifies some fans to suddenly believe they are more knowledgeable than other fans? Were you a former NFL coach? Do you spend hours, with the players and coaches, breaking down film? No? Alright then. Can we just be nice to one another and get through the rest of the season without all the name calling or couch coaching. Maybe just enjoy the win, even if we won because Charles Clay dropped a possible game winning pass. It’s still a win against a division rival team. I mean at least our coach didn’t have this reaction to that dropped pass.

Our team may be ranked 29th in total offense and 29th in total defense, but we’re still 6-6. How? Well, this fan may be on to something here.

I have said before, I believe our players want to win and are playing with all their heart (even though some people don’t agree) for our coach. Honestly, I want to keep arguing about who should be fired or who should stay. I just want to focus on winning games and see what happens. We have no say in what happens anyways. Now I got that off my chest, let’s move on to the game.

Players of the Game

There isn’t much to brag about when it comes to how the team played yesterday. Our offense and defense clearly needs help. We have several players injured, but we can’t blame our performance on that alone. Our team will need to make some major improvements if we want to win out the rest of this season. I’m not going to pretend to know what the Dolphins need. The only thing I can for certain say is that special teams coach Darren Rizzi deserves some praise. This was tweeted out earlier today.

We fans hope you stick around for a while coach Rizzi. I have to agree here with Omar Kelly on his view about Rizzi.

I absolutely agree that our Dolphins would be a whole different team with more coaches/leadership, like that of Darren Rizzi.

The player of the game has to go to Xavien Howard. He had two interceptions in yesterday’s game. He is leading the NFL with 7 interceptions. Here is a replay of his second interception.

Howard, you helped us win that game. You are a beast and indeed proving to be the best in the league.

I agree Adam. He is an all-pro. The Dolphins know how good he is and they better make sure they pay him and lock him in. Too many times, we fans, have seen players with good talent walk away because of not being paid. Just look here at his stats the last three seasons.

Xavien Howard’s had this to say after the game yesterday, “I don’t feel like I get recognized enough. I’m going to let them know I’m the best corner in the game.” That you are Howard and we fans couldn’t agree more. He absolutely has earned the right to be in the Pro Bowl. If you have time, make sure you help vote him in fans. Our team has been hit or miss this season, but this guy has been a superstar.

Two other players who earned a mention from yesterday’s game are Kenyan Drake and Kenny Stills. I’ve mentioned it before that we should see more plays for Drake. It was awesome watching him break free a bit yesterday. Frank Gore has been a beast for us this year, but I’ve been wanting to see Drake emerge more. I’m glad we’re starting to see that. Here is quick stat on him from Cameron Wolfe.

If Albert Wilson wasn’t out with a season ending injury, I’m curious how different his numbers would be. That being said, Kenyan Drake is good. He needs to be given the ball more. Period.

There was some drama earlier in the week when it came to Kenny Stills. I believe something was said about him not being able to throw the ball to himself and I’m not sure who who was directing that comment to. That being said, I know I was anxious to see how they would use him in the game and if he would be used more. Stills may not have had brag worthy total game yards, but he made a brag worthy catch for a touchdown.

Double coverage and he still found a way to catch that ball. Beautiful catch and a dime pass by Tannehill. Some fans may disagree with the pass by Tannehill, but that’s fine. We can’t always agree.

The Week Ahead

We still have four more regular season games left. These last few games are crucial if we want to make it to the playoffs. I absolutely believe we can win out. Our team needs to play better than that have been, but we can win the remaining games. Of the remaining four, I think the Vikings will be the toughest one. We play the Patriots at home this Sunday.

We play well against Brady at home. Remember,they lost to us last year and we had Jay Cutler as our quarterback. I was at that game. The season was crap, but that win was enjoyable. I will be at the game this Sunday. I have yet to miss a Patriots home game since 2012. The day before the game is fun despite the way some of the fans treat me. I typically spend the day walking around Ft. Lauderdale beach (you know like Elbo Room and Lulu’s) and roll my eyes at all the insults yelled at me from Patriots’ fans. It’s sad when you walk into your home team town’s favorite local bar and you are booed out by opposing fans. It’s cool. If we beat them on Sunday, it makes up for it.

It’s the Dolphins second throwback game. My favorite uniform of theirs. If you are at the game, or watching at home, I hope you support the team by wearing a throwback outfit of your own. Our team needs this win. Let’s hope our team can keep their playoff hopes alive!

I’ll end this with a group shot of some of us from my fan club on Sunday.