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Phinsider Radio: Trying To Play It Cool Before Black Monday

A lot going on and we’re running out of season! Hurry up and validate us before our self-esteem well runs dry during the offseason!

Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

*(Just click the play button right above and enjoy!)*

Sandwiched between a disappointing loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars and Black Monday’s impending news about the Miami Dolphins future direction, Phinsider Radio will preview the upcoming game vs. the Buffalo Bills, but understand that there are many distractions staring us right in the face.

There’s only 1 game left, for better or for worse; there will be more answers about coaching and front office personnel than questions (and the domino effect of those decisions) soon enough. Hang in there, Dolphins fans! Cannata, Houtz, and I are right there with you.

~ What was the ultimate significance of the Jaguars game?

~ What are the Dolphins playing for this Sunday? Is it better for the franchise to lose or win?

~ Cannata discusses Stephen Ross, Houtz discusses Dan Marino, and much more!

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