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The future starting QB for the Miami Dolphins might be on the roster

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins season finale is this Sunday at Orchard Park against the Buffalo Bills. This season couldn’t end any faster, as the Dolphins are going to miss the playoffs for a second consecutive season. The Dolphins record with a win would improve to 8-8. But after last weeks debacle at home against the Jacksonville Jaguars, it looks like the Dolphins are going to finish the season at 7-9.

This will be the final week for a lot of players, including some notable players. One of them is QB Ryan Tannehill, who was drafted by the Dolphins in the 2012 NFL draft. It’s hard for me to imagine that Tannehill will be back next season, especially since he couldn’t lead the team to the playoffs.

In week 15 the Dolphins traveled to Minnesota for a crucial game against the Vikings. Their playoff hopes were on the line, but the Dolphins didn’t decide to show up until the second quarter. The Dolphins trailed at the end of the first quarter, 21-0. How is that even possible with so many things at stake? A week before, the ”Miami Miracle” took place at Hard Rock Stadium against their arch-rival New England Patriots. The Dolphins trailing 33-28 with 7 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, Tannehill threw the football to WR Kenny Stills, who eluded a defender and lateraled the football to WR DeVante Parker. Along the sideline, RB Kenyan Drake was lateraled the football by Parker. Well, we all know what happened next as Drake ran for the game-winning touchdown with no time left on the clock.

Tannehill had the opportunity to give the Dolphins the lead against the Vikings. They were trailing 21-17, as the Dolphins offense was on the field. The drive stalled as Tannehill was sacked twice and the Dolphins were forced to punt the football. At that point, I told myself that’s where the game was lost. Being unable to get the football in the end zone to take the lead is something that we have seen in previous seasons. I believe at that point most of the fanbase gave up on Tannehill.

A lot of fans are still going to use the excuse of ”Ooh, look how many injuries they had on the o-line”. How many times in previous seasons have we said that same exact thing? We continue believing that Tannehill is going to turn into something special and we should stop believing that. If we continue believing in that, we are going to continue disappointing ourselves. I was a huge Tannehill supporter and I thought he would turn into something “special”. The same mistakes over and over again.

I truly believe the QB of the future is on the roster. Do you know who I’m talking about? Luke Falk. If you want, you can go ahead and laugh at what I wrote. I truly believe that when Falk was claimed by the Dolphins in September, before the season opener against the Tennessee Titans, it wasn’t for Intel only. I believe that the franchise has plans for Falk as the starting QB for the Dolphins. I want to make this clear. The Dolphins this offseason should add a veteran QB and even draft one as well. This would give Falk the opportunity to learn more about the position from a veteran.

If the fanbase gave Tannehill the opportunity to try and prove himself for seven years, why can’t the fanbase give Falk a chance as their starting QB?

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