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This is Why You Tailgate Before Games

Another embarrassing performance but tailgate was fun

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

So, yeah, that game sucked. No other way to describe it. Any sliver of hope for a playoff run was ended after that horribly embarrassing display of football by the Dolphins on Sunday. Let’s be honest. I wasn’t expecting the game to be that good, but I wanted something better than what we all witnessed. We lost to the Jaguars at home. The Jaguars. In our “supposed lucky” throwback uniforms too. Just let that sink in.

The Tailgate

The game was terrible, but at least tailgating with friends made the trip worth it. I’ve said it before, but this is why tailgating is crucial to a football game. If your team loses, you still at least have those few hours beforehand with your friends and family. I mean we’re Dolphins’ fans. We literally never know how our team will play, so you better believe I’m going to make sure to at least make part of the day enjoyable. I made my rounds to say goodbye to many of my friends that I will probably not see again till next season. The last home game is always bittersweet. As fans, we are sad to be done with the Sunday tailgating shenanigans but glad to be done watching our team preform so badly. I know I was ready for last season to end and, after Sunday’s spectacle, I’m feeling the same about this one.

I finally was able to meet up with The Phinsider’s Kevin Nogle Sunday morning before the game.

We discussed the small 4% chance our team had to make the playoffs and both just hoping to not watch our team embarrass themselves. Well, that clearly didn’t go as expected. Oh well. Good thing the tailgating was a success.

By the way, if you make it to a home game, you should swing by East 12, near row 208, and look for the van painted in aqua and orange with the Dolphins’ logo.

Joe Karecki and his friends always host a great tailgate complete with themed shots for visiting fans. After there, I suggest hoping over two rows to East 22 (old East 32 tailgate) and look for the “East 32” Tailgate tents. My good friend, Cameron, and his crew put on good time as well. If you’re risky enough, ask to take a shot and turn on the bat. They fill a plastic baseball bat with beer, you chug it, turn how many times it took you to drink, and then try to hit a ball. It’s quite the entertainment as the drinks start flowing and the crowd grows.

Those are just a couple of the spots I make sure to visit every home game. That is what I will miss. Those experiences make attending games more enjoyable. Maybe, just maybe, one day our Miami Dolphins’ season won’t come to an end so soon. But, I think it may be quite a while before we will experience that playoff bound joy.

The Game

It was terrible. Nothing good to say at all. Oh wait, I take that back. The field looked freaking awesome and the throwback uniforms were drool worthy. That’s about it, though. Our team looked like crap and Gase was just awful. I’m normally the fan that tries to find something positive, but not after that performance.

Where do we go from here? What happens with the Dolphins? What does Ross want to do? If you open twitter or listen/ready any articles it seems nobody really knows. Gase basically blamed the team’s terrible performance and season on injuries.

Yes, we have a lot of injuries, but you can’t keep using that as a crutch. I even have to give up on that. Injuries happen and we can’t blame that as the only reason. Yes, it didn’t help us, but I feel like our team just didn’t care Sunday. It’s like the offense just kinda went into this game going, “You know what, I just don’t want to do this anymore.” That’s how it felt Sunday. Am I right? Even our fans at the stadium were booing the team. I think it happened maybe three times. That’s embarrassing. Our team is a mess again, and it’s just flat out embarrassing.

Stop Being That Fan

I need to get this off my chest real quick. You know what else is embarrassing? When you attend a game and ask fellow fans to sit down on 3rd down. I wrote a whole article about this before, but stop being that kind of fan. I had a family behind me. I’m not 100% sure what team they were rooting for but I think Dolphins, because nobody had on any team related items (to each their own) and I stood up and cheered (which was encouraged by game day staff on the field) when our team was playing defense. It was 3rd down. Let me say it again: The Dolphins ask you to stand up on third down to help with home field advantage. Well, a man said to me, “This is why they made seats. To sit. You need to sit. The whole game.” I kindly responded back and said no. The family rolled their eyes at me, said a few unkindly things, and I turned back around to watch the game. I sit most the game as it is (in Miami), and I only try to stand when it’s defense or if others around me start to stand. Even then, I only try to stand up on 3rd down and am aware that people are behind me and don’t hold my flags up during plays. If you want to attend a football game, that’s great. I hope you do and you have a great experience. However, you do not have the right to tell someone to sit down the entire game. There are family sections and other sections made for people who want to sit the whole game. I just went to the Minnesota Vikings stadium. Nobody would dare tell you to sit there. Stop being that fan. I personally don’t understand people who never want to stand or cheer during a game, but I will respect your right to do so. You should show me the same respect in return.

Post-Game and Last Game of Season

The best part of the game was being able to visit a couple friends of mine. They flew to Miami for the holiday and bought tickets to the Dolphins’ game. They are from England. It was their first NFL game. Of course I apologized to them, for the embarrassing display. They laughed and said they still loved the experience. This is us after the game.

We caught up after the game at a local pub and they watched some of the evening games. Their response to the Chiefs game, “Oh, so those are good teams huh? That’s definitely a better game.” This time I laughed and hung my head low and said yes.

When will our team be considered good? I thought this would be our year after our 3-0 start. We had some really good games and then some really really rough ones. I just want a season where we fans are upset because we only won 9-10 games. I want to have a team that is always expected to be in the playoffs. We were a great team many years ago. When will that happen again?

A lot of things need to change this off season. Some fans want Gase fired. Some do not. Other fans think we’ll be cutting ties with Tannehill. Others do not. I’m not sure what needs to be done, but I just want the Dolphins to have a winning season.

We have our last game on Sunday against the Bills. I want us to win, just to piss off the Bills’ fans. I don’t know if we will though. It’s going to be tough one. I guess I will just cross my fingers. Pray for a miracle and see what happens.

I’ve been driving all over Florida just to make it to that game. I still have a seven hour drive on Christmas tomorrow to see my parents. I’m going to not think about my football team and just enjoy the next few days with family and friends. I hope you all do the same. Happy Holidays to you all and see you here next week!