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Jaguars at Dolphins live updates and scores

Jacksonville Jaguars v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins and the Jacksonville Jaguars are underway in the penultimate game of the season. There are playoff implications surrounding the Dolphins in this Week 16 game, with Miami needing a win, plus a win next week, along with help from around the AFC. The first step is beating the Jaguars in today’s final home game at Hard Rock Stadium.

Below you will find a live update of all the action, including the scores, as well as immediate reactions as the game happens. You can join in our live chat with other Dolphins fans here.

On to the game:

First Quarter

The Jaguars deferred the coin toss, with Miami getting the opening kick off.

Dolphins first possession. The Dolphins came out looking for Kenyan Drake, first with a five yard run, then with a seven yard pass from Ryan Tannehill. On the next play, Tannehill worked through his progressions to find Mike Gesicki for five yards, then Jesse Davis committed a false start and backed up the Dolphins. Brandon Bolden then picked up four yards before Tannehill waited for a deep out to Danny Amendola for 20 yards. Then on a wheel route hot route, Tannehill found Kalen Ballage for a 31-yard gain. After a seven-yard run from Bolden, Tannehill connected with Bolden for the four-yard touchdown.

Dolphins 7-0.

Jaguars first possession. The Jaguars started with a no-gain run from Leonard Fournette, then Cody Kessler found Tommy Bohanon for seven yards. Then Kessler converted the 3rd-and-3 with a 10-yard pass to Donte Moncrief. Fournette then picked up four yards. Kessler checked down to Fournette on 2nd-and-6, only to have the running back drop the pass. Kessler connected with Rashad Greene for 10 yards. Fournette then picked up nine yards. After a two-yard run from Fournette, Carlos Hyde picked up eight yards. After Hyde lost one yard, the Jaguars were called for a false start. On 3rd-and-8, Kessley found Fournette on a dump-off than picked up six yards, with a roughing the passer penalty on Robert Quinn added after the play. Kessler then connected with Fournette for the 11-yard touchdown.

Tied 7-7.

Dolphins second possession. Ballage started the drive with no gain. Tannehill then threw to Kenny Stills for a five-yard gain. Tannehill looked on the deep out-route toward Stills on third down, but the ball fell incomplete. Miami punted.

Jaguars second possession. The drive started with a Charles Harris sack of Kessler to end the first quarter,

End first quarter. Tied 7-7.

Second Quarter

Jaguars second possession (continued). Kessler threw a screen to Dede Westbrook for three yards, with Harris called for unnecessary roughness on the tackle, adding 15 more yards for the Jaguars. Fournette then picked up three yards, then was stopped for no gain. Kessler was flushed out of the pocket for the third-down play, throwing an incomplete pass and leading to a Jaguars punt.

Dolphins third possession. The Dolphins started at their own 11 after a fair catch by Amendola on the 29-yard punt. Miami came out in the Wildcat, with Ballage stopped in the backfield by his facemask, moving the Dolphins up 15 yards with the non-play. Tannehill found Bolden for a first down, but it was called back on a light offensive pass interference call. Then Tannehill looked for Parker on a screen pass picking up six yards. On 3rd-and-11, the Dolphins picked up eight yards on pass to Amendola. Miami punted.

Jaguars third possession. On the 54-yard punt, Jacksonville was called for an illegal block in the back as Walt Aikens attempted to make the tackle, and the Jaguars were backed up to their own seven. Fournette then picked up nine yards on a rush, then another three. Westbrook took the end-around for nine yards. Then Kessler dropped back to pass and the ball fell out of his hand, with Andre Branch recovering for the Dolphins.

Dolphins fourth possession. Tannehill threw short to Drake for two yards, then Drake picked up three yards. On 3rd-and-5, Tannehill had to throw the ball away as pressure immediately came up the middle and Jason Sanders missed the 47-yard field goal wide right.

Jaguars fourth possession. Fournette was stopped for no gain by Davon Godchaux. Then Kessler found Moncrief for eight yards. On 3rd-and-2, Kessler found Westbrook for four yards on the quick out. Kessley looked deep, but overthrew the ball on first down. After a timeout, Kessler, who was shaken up by a hit from Robert Quinn, was replaced by Blake Bortles. Bortles found Westbrook for five yards. Then Cameron Wake pulled down Bortles for the sack and a Jaguars punt.

Dolphins fifth possession. Miami started with a screen pass to Ballage, picking up eight yards. Ballage then ran for one yard, setting up 3rd-and-1 following the two-minute warning. Ballage then took the Wildcat run for six yards. Laremy Tunsil was then called for a false start, setting up 1st-and-15 from the 23. Tannehill picked up 10 yards on the scramble up the middle. Then Drake picked up nine yards, bringing up 4th-and-8.

Jaguars fifth possession. The 52-yard punt was then returned for 44 yards with Matt Haack making a good open field tackle to save the touchdown. The Jaguars then attempted a 56-yard field goal as the half ended, but Kai Forbath took a divet out of the ground and the kick fell well short.

End of second quarter. Tied 7-7.

Third Quarter

Jaguars sixth possession. Kessler returned after the break, with Fournette taking the first carry for two yards, then Kessler finding Westbrook for 22 yards. Fournette picked up one yard on the play at midfield. Kessler then connected with Westbrook for eight yards, setting up 3rd-and-1. Kessler ran a quarterback sneak for a two-yard gain and a first down. Hyde was stopped for a two-yard loss, then a holding penalty erased the play and backed up the Jaguars to a 1st-and-20. Kessler threw away the pass as he was flushed out of the pocket. Kessler found Fournette for an 11-yard gain, setting up 3rd-and-9. Jalen Davis then came in on the cornerback blitz and sacked Kessler, forcing a punt.

Dolphins sixth possession. Amendola fair-caught the 34-yard punt at the Miami 11. Bolden picked up three yards to start the possession, then Tannehill found Drake for eight yards and the first down. On the next play, Calais Campbell blew up Durham Smythe and reached Bolden as he was receiving the handoff on the end-around. After a challenge, the ball was ruled a fumble and Campbell recovered for the Jaguars.

Jaguars seventh possession. Westbrook took the pitch and immediately looked to pass, but he threw the ball away. The Jaguars were then called for holding on the next play, backing them up to the Miami 27, setting up 2nd-and-20. Fournette then took a handoff right, then tried to bounce back to his right, but the Dolphins defense swarmed, led by Torry McTyer, and stopped him for an eight yard loss. 3rd-and-28 included a sack from Cameron Wake but the Dolphins accepted a holding penalty on the Jaguars in order to push them out of field goal range. On the 3rd-and-38 play, Andre Branch recorded a sack and the Jaguars punted.

Dolphins seventh possession. Mike Hull was called for a running-into-the-kicker penalty, but it was declined and Miami started at their own 17. Drake picked up four. Tannehill then picked up nine yards on a pass to Smythe, setting up the first down. Tannehill was then sacked on the first down play with a free-rusher coming from behind him. He was able to spin away from the first defender, but not the second. Tannehill then has his pass deflected at the line of scrimmage, falling incomplete as he looked toward Parker. Tannehill then threw the pass away has the pressure reached him on third down, with a hold declined on the play. John Denney was then called for a snap infraction, backing up Miami a little more. Then Haack punted the ball 53-yard with a ten-yard loss on the return, but Ballage was called for a horsecollar tackle and gave up 15 free yards.

Jaguars eighth possession. After the penalty, the Jaguars started at their 34. After a four-yard run from Fournette, Quinn sacked Kessler, seeting up 3rd-and-11. Kessler then threw the ball toward Fournette, but it went through the running back’s hands and the Jaguars punted.

Dolphins eighth possession. Tannehill ran for no gain on first down, then Ballage picked up three yards, setting up 3rd-and-7. Tannehill threw away the pass on third down as free rushers again immediately pressured him. Haack punted again, this time only for 28 yards.

Jaguars ninth possession. Bortles came back in, running for 13 yards on the first play of the possession. Then Hyde ran for five yards, but a holding penalty backed up Jacksonville as the third quarter ended.

End third quarter. Tied 7-7.

Fourth quarter.

Jaguars ninth possession (continued). Bortles looked for the quick bubble screen after the change of sides, picking up four yards with the pass to Westbrook. Bortles ran for 14 yards on the next play. Fournette picked up two yards. Then Bortles again went with the screen pass, picking up eight yards, but offsetting penalties erased the play. Then the Jaguars were called for another holding penalty, backing up to a 2nd-and-18. Minkah Fitzpatrick was then called for a facemask, setting up 1st-and-10 from the 12. Fournette then lost five yards on a rush, followed by a nine-yard gain. On 3rd-and-6, Bortles threw to no one in the back of the endzone and the Jaguars settled for a field goal.

Jaguars 10-7.

Dolphins ninth possession. Tannehill missed Ballage on first down. Tannehill scrambled out of the pocket and ran for 12 yards. The Dolphins were then called for a delay of game penalty. Tannehill attempted to throw the ball out to Ballage on the next play, but had people around his ankles and could not step into it, leading to a 32-yard pick six.

Jaguars 17-7.

Dolphins tenth possession. Tannehill found Amendola for 12 yards, then the Dolphins handed off to Amendola on an end-around, losing two yards. Tannehill then connected with Drake down the right sideline for 14 yards. After a one-yard loss on a Drake run, Tannehill connected with DeVante Parker for a seven-yard slant. The Dolphins attempted a pass-back from Drake to Tannehill, with the running back eventually tackle for a one-yard loss. Stills was called for an illegal block on the play, backing up Miami. Tannehill was then sacked, leading to a punt.

Jaguars tenth possession. Fournette picked up seven yards on first down, then the Jaguars lost one on a pass from Bortles to Westbrook. Bortles then found Greene for 12 yards, with a fumble recovered by the Jaguars. Hyde picked up two yards before a cut-back run picked up anther 19. Hyde picked up another eight yards before the two-minute warning. Hyde then picked up eight yards to convert the first down and basically seal the game. In victory formation, the Jaguars knelt to allow the clock to run. Another kneel down and the clock expires.

Final. Jaguars 17-7.