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Phinsider Radio: Can the Miami Dolphins knock off the Minnesota Vikings?

Matthew Cannata and Aaron Sutton are joined by Arif Hasan to discuss this weekend’s upcoming matchup. You won’t want to miss it!

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

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After last week’s miracle in Miami, the Miami Dolphins are officially ALIVE in the AFC playoff picture. Can they continue their winning ways against the Minnesota Vikings?

On this week’s episode of Phinsider Radio, Matthew Cannata and Aaron Sutton sit down with Minnesota Vikings ‘ beat writer Arif Hasan of The Athletic. They discuss all things Vikings and Dolphins and get in-depth with their analysis and Xs and Os.

Which team we can expect to see on Sunday? Can the dolphins overcome their poor road play? Or will the team continue what they started last week in Miami?

Tune in and hear what Cannata, Sutton and Hasan have to say!

Disclaimer: I was unable to make this Ménage à trois due to parental obligations. You will not hear my soothing voice on this week’s episode.