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Meme Central: Game 13

Miami Miracle


The scoring, the lead changes, the epic happy ending.

Speaking of “happy endings,” am sure there will be new Miami fans born in 9 months!

So fantastic was this game that I pinned a thread of all the fan reaction videos I came across on my Twitter profile (@nashmax73).

Ok, on to the fun stuff...

Ryan Tannehill, already coming back from an ACL injury, then an effed-up shoulder, had one of his own OL crush his foot. In a moment that would make Willis Reed proud (look him up), Ryan came back and an efficient game. Even owner Stephen Ross seems pleased.


Speaking of Tannehill, did you see that dime to WR Brice Butler? Am sure the Patriots fans in attendance were dumbfounded. It wouldn’t be the last time for that (he-he).

err-mah-gerd, dimes!

Major props to CB Bobby McCain for, once again, finishing a sweet blitz! Rumor has it that Tom Brady had to change his pants during a commercial break.

Oops, I did it again...

As you know, what happened next is pure TV gold, as 17-to-10-to-11-to-32 ripped the hearts out of the Patriots and their fans, as seen on their faces:

Stunned Pats Fans

The play was immediately immortalized as the #MiamiMiracle, which is fitting.

Do you believe in miracles? YES!

In a symbolic gesture, Kenyan Drake tossed the football like it was Brady’s sketchy head.

So long Cheatriots!

And so exits our hero of the day, Kenyan Drake. Deal with it...

Big Pimpin’

Am sure the New England Patriots film review on Monday was AWESOME!

Blame Game!