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Miami Miracle hoodie now available too!

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“Hey Kevin, those Miami Miracle t-shirts are awesome, but it is winter and getting a little cold for a t-shirt. I wish there was something a little warmer available.” I got a lot of comments like that this week after we announced BreakingT’s Miami Miracle t-shirt, recognizing the incredible win for the Miami Dolphins over the New England Patriots on a 69 yard touchdown-lateral-lateral with an expiring clock. Well, maybe I did not actually get any comments like that, but I am sure someone somewhere had that thought. Right? Right??

Well, either way, I am now able to share that your wishes have been answered! BreakingT just released the Miami Miracle as a hoodie! You can check out the image of the shirt below. You can pick up your hoodie here.

To make it simple, if you are looking for the link to pick up the t-shirt version, we’ve got you covered as well.

Miami Miracle t-shirt.

If you would like to check out all of the Miami collection - which also includes our “Stop Doubting Us” shirt as well as both “Miami Miracle” shirts - you can head over to BreakingT’s website via this link.