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Miami Miracle: TV, radio, and fan reaction videos

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

It has been two days, and still the Miami Miracle is an unbelievable result. The Miami Dolphins beat the New England Patriots on a 69-yard touchdown as the clock expired thanks to a pass from Ryan Tannehill to Kenny Stills, who pitched the ball to DeVante Parker, who pitched the ball to Kenyan Drake who somehow made it through the Patriots defense and Rob Gronkowski to score.

As we all begin to realize that it did actually happen, I thought it would be fun to pull the radio calls from the game, as well as some of the fan videos I could find. Below, you can relive the play from multiple view points.

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First up is the television call from CBS:

The Patriots radio call is great.

The Dolphins’ radio broadcast is fun. Especially before the play, Gronkowski “cannot tackle anyone.”

This has the TV call and the Dolphins and Patriots radio calls as well, but also includes the Spanish call as well:

Tecmo Miami Miracle is amazing. Especially with Gronkowski falling at the end of the play and then in the cut scene.

This fan view is outstanding:

The DolFan Bandits view of the play:

I’m not sure any of the Patriots post game crew knew what happened - but I guess none of us really did: