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Will the Annexation of Puerto Rico Lead the Miami Dolphins to the Playoffs?

Can the Miami Dolphins ride this momentum into the NFL Playoffs?

NFL: New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Remember all the media types trying to jinx the Miami Dolphins, citing Tom Brady’s record in Miami? Some of us saw the premonition of the “Narrator’s Curse” - this time, the New England Patriots would come in to Hard Rock Stadium and dispel any notions of the Dolphins ownership over the Patriots in south Florida. It could get ugly.

Except it didn’t. The Dolphins/Patriots game had the most lead changes in an NFL game this season, and saw the pinball machine light up with 67 points. Adam Gase, leading up to the game, felt hot under the spotlight, and what better way to cool him off than watching some film of “The Icebox”. He nodded off in his hotel room as the Annexation of Puerto Rico became the recurring image playing through his mind during REM.

Even if the Dolphins don’t make the Playoffs, the “Miami Miracle” likely booted the Patriots from home field advantage in the AFC Playoffs, and we’ve seen the butterfly effect of making New England travel on the road in the Playoffs.

More pertinent: is this a type of win that propels the Miami Dolphins into the Playoffs, or is this another cruel twist in the humor of the football gods Hellbent on seeing us suffer? Let me know down in the Comments Section!


Will the Dolphins make the Playoffs?

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    Yes, we’re riding high.
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    No, the football gods will toy with us.
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    Shut up, SUTTON. You’re stupid. You’re like Gronk trying to play safety, tripping over your words all the time.
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