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Meme Central: G9

Jet Sweep edition

Jet Sweep

Yes, it was an ugly win that probably set the game football back about 30 years, but it still beats the prettiest loss ever.

What’s better is that we swept the Jets like we did in 2016, which is always fun because it partially shuts their idiot fans up.

Speaking of fun, let’s have some...

After suffering 4 sacks & 4 INTs last Sunday, am sure rookie QB Sam Darnold will put the 2005 song “Bad Day” on his playlist when he plays the Miami Dolphins.

Had a bad day...

Know who had a good day? DE Cameron Wake, who was really up for this game!

Wake up!

Rookie RB Kalen Ballage was not only active this game, but he’s now the trigger-man for the latest version of Miami’s Wildcat offense. If not for a stupid penalty, the nifty run he broke off would’ve stood. Finally, our Wildcat has teeth again!


Rookie S/CB Minkah FitzPatrick showed off his versatility, playing Boundary CB, Slot Corner and even some FS in this game. Our new Swiss Army Knife was on full display!


And the end of the day, our hero was definitely rookie LB Jerome Baker, whose nifty INT led to the only touchdown scored on the day. However, NOBODY was more excited about this than beleaguered DC Matt Burke, especially after getting embarrassed in Houston.


Baker cooked-up something extra special. Bon Appétit New York!

Chef’s Salty Balls

Sadly, not everyone was happy after sweeping the Jets. Isn’t that right Danny?

Baby, come back...