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Reshad Jones and Adam Gase ‘on same page’ after Sunday night meeting; Jones to play vs. Packers

Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Miami Dolphins safety Reshad Jones pulled himself from the team’s game against the New York Jets on Sunday, according to head coach Adam Gase. No other details were given by Gase, or any of Jones’ teammates who were asked about the situation after the contest. All that was known was Jones was not injured in the game, and that he did not go back into the game, apparently from his own choosing.

On Monday, Gase again addressed the situation, and it appears everyone is ready to move on and forget about all of it. “He came up and saw me last night,” Gase said of Jones. “He came up to the office and we talked last night. I’m still kind of going through a couple of things. I need to talk to a couple of other people but me and him are on the same page right now. That conversation between me and him, that’s where it will stay.”

When pushed for more details, Gase simply stated, “I know what happened and that’s where I’m going to leave it.”

Jones has been trying to play through a shoulder injury this year, with some speculation that, even though it was not aggravated on Sunday, the shoulder could be part of why Jones refused to re-enter the game. “He’s playing through the same thing he’s been playing through all year,” Gase explained. “I don’t want to say whether or not it was that or something else, but I’ll just leave it at that. I had a conversation with him last night. I have an idea of a lot of things that happened and it’s going to get cleaned up.”

The explanations from Gase seem to indicate that, whatever the specific details of Jones’ frustration, it is not necessarily all corrected. Gase replied to a question about that assumption, stating, “I’d say it’s less not me and him. There’s other factors involved, so I’m going to get that addressed and cleaned up.”

When asked if the issue is something that defensive coordinator Matt Burke knew about, Gase replied, “I can’t speak on that, but I’m a little bit more involved right now. I know a lot of the things going on.”

Gase has, throughout most of his three seasons with Miami, allowed the defense to be handled almost exclusively by the defensive coordinator while Gase focuses on the offense. If he is being pulled more into making sure things on defense are straight, it could be a sign that he is growing as a head coach and getting more involved in all aspects of the team.

When asked if there will be any discipline of Jones, Gase answered, “That will be internal if we do anything.”

Gase did simply state, “Yeah, he’s going to play this week,” when he was asked if Jones would be in the lineup against the Green Bay Packers next Sunday.

Details of exactly what the situation was that led to Jones pulling himself from the game may never be leaked, but at least it sounds like everyone is working through it and Miami will have the Pro Bowl safety back on the field in Week 10.