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A Win is a Win

It wasn’t pretty, but it counts.

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

We won. The Miami Dolphins finally won again. So, why does this victory Monday feel different than the others? It may be because that win wasn’t exactly pretty. That being said, we still won and a win is a win in the NFL. We’ll take it, no matter how ugly it was.

The past week felt like a second bye week, because we played on a Thursday night. Remember how our defense cost us the last couple games? Gase was frustrated. Our team was frustrated. The fan base was extremely frustrated. Something had to change. Burke was in the hot seat this week, because if our defense didn’t show up again, things weren’t going to be pretty today. I’m not sure what all happened during those 10 days, but our defense was back. We won this week because of our defense. Whatever you did Burke, we thank you.

Like I said, that game on Sunday was not pretty. Our team is beat up. We’re missing how many starters? I think 9 players so far. Many teams get the injury bug, but we seem to be the queen of the pack. The fact that the Dolphins are still 5-4, with the amount of players we have out, is reason enough to still be hopeful. We’re still second behind the Pats and we still have a chance for playoffs. Yes, I said the dreaded “P” word. The word that triggers so many fans on Twitter. But, isn’t that the point of playing and cheering for your team is to hope they make it into the playoffs? At least it is for me. If we can get Tannehill back and some of our other players back from injuries, we still may have a fighting chance. There is still a lot of football left. I’m not jumping in on the, “Who do we draft next year” discussion just yet. I’m going to keep having faith in our players and coach Gase, because our team is not ready to call it quits yet. That being said, let’s briefly discuss the good parts of the game.

Thank You Defense

We won because of our defense. Besides, the two 3-pt field goals by Sanders, the only touchdown was a pick-6 by Jerome Baker. Yes, I’ve seen the argument that we only won because the Jets are that bad. They are bad, yes, but gotta give credit where credit is due. Our guys shutdown the Jets’ offense. Here’s a quick highlight of the four sacks, four interceptions, and the pick-6 posted by NFL.

Cam Wake had two sacks in that game. I was just asking where he was last week. I’ve missed him and it makes my heart to see him being like his old dominate self. I still can’t believe fans were discussing trading him last week. I hope those same fans can shut down that talk and realize he isn’t leaving. I honestly believe, when he retires, it will be as a Dolphin.

Who else played well? Our linebackers. You all know I love me some Kiko Alonso. He really is having a great year. He had another interception yesterday. That is now three for this year. Here’s ESPN’s Cameron Wolfe discussing him.

According to Cameron Wolfe, The Miami Dolphins lead the league with interceptions at 15. Howard, Kiko, and McDonald each have three and Jones has two. I mean, if our defense can stay in sync with each other (and healthy) they play well. It’s probably why we get frustrated because we have the talent. Figure out what causes them to play like they did Sunday and stick with it.

The other player, and play of the game, goes to Jerome Baker. That pick-6 sealed that win for us and was our only touchdown of the game. Did you know Baker is now the 3rd youngest player to score a TD in Dolphins’ history?

I didn’t either. Congrats Baker! Please keep it up!

If you have been on Twitter today, you’ve seen everyone asking about Reshad Jones. He apparently took himself out of the game. I’m not sure what happened because I was dealing with issues at the game myself (which I’m discussing in a bit). It appears nobody knows what happened besides him and Gase and the other coaches. It also seems like we may never know exactly what went on. I’m assuming it was an argument between him and Burke. I watched the interview today with Gase and he was repeatedly questioned about the situation with Jones. Gase said he talked to Jones last Sunday night. They’re on the same page and whatever happened and/or discipline taking place, will be kept internally and he will be playing this Sunday. So...that’s good enough for me.

I want to add this in real quick, Jason Sanders you’re the man. Thanks for doing your job well.

Where Was Our Offense

I don’t really have much to say about the offense. We’re all missing Tannehill and ready to end this Brock streak, but still no word on when that will be. Gase will have more information by Wednesday on his playing status. Our offense is beat up. Bad. It’s so frustrating having so many good players at the start of the season, only to lose one each week because of injuries. That being said, we have to find a way to still win games and score on offense. We can not expect to win more games playing like we did against the Jets. Stills and Amendola had some plays, but missed out on big plays at times because of Osweiler. I’m not sure what is going on with Kenyan Drake, but why is he not played more? I mean, I love me some Gore, but I feel like Drake is not being used enough or properly. Right? It seems he should be having a lot more big plays. I don’t get it. I hope it improves next Sunday.

Being a Passionate Fan

That’s about all I have to say about the game, as far as players wise. I’m going to share a bit of the experience I had on Sunday at Hard Rock. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen me post about what happened. I missed part of the game because of it. I’m also not alone in these feelings. I used to sit in a section called “The Deep End”. It’s a section created for the extreme passionate fans who like to cheer, dress up, and stand the whole game. You know, kinda like the VWO fan base who has the support of their team. The fans in the first 2 rows in section 129 were asked to sit or leave the game. They left the game as a group and were then escorted back in. I found out today Miami Dolphins organization called and apologized to them and did something about it. Here is OJ McDuffie showing them (many of my close friends) some support.

I wrote an email discussing what happened to me to my rep. I’m waiting to hear back. I’m sharing below what I wrote.

“I’m not ok with the way I was treated by the usher/law enforcement agent in my section. A little background about me first. I try to attend majority of home games. I live in Atlanta and spend quite a bit of my salary attending Miami Dolphins games. This is for home and away games. I will be attending 7-8 games this season and it’s getting to the point, I no longer enjoy home games. When I show up for the game, I’m ready to cheer on my team. A team I have loved since a kid. A team my family has always supported and loved. I’m a very passionate fan. Most people know me that way. I always support my Miami Dolphins, even when many seasons break our hearts as fans. It’s just how I am. When I care about something /someone I give it my all. I have always looked forward to attending home games with fellow Dolphins’ fans. It’s exciting to be at the home stadium and being able to stand up and cheer as your team comes running out of the tunnel. In fact, it’s encouraged to support our players.

What is not ok, is when the game begins, to be told that my passion is too much. My cheering for the team I support and love is too much. I was made to feel I’m too much as a person. A year ago, when we played the Jets at home, I was escorted out of my seats by police during the game. There was no warning, there was nothing said beforehand. Just two cops came down and said I had to leave. The cops asked me to calm down (I was crying and scared which is a fair reaction) so they could talk to me. They said they did not know why I was told to leave, but they will find out. It turned out a fan used the fan abuse texting number and said there was an obnoxious female in the stands. That is how I was described. Was I cussing? No. Did I start a fight with anyone? Nope. Was I standing the entire game? Not at all. What was I doing? Cheering while our team was on defense. Standing and cheering on my team, which is encouraged, caused police to come escort me out of my seats and for everyone to watch me. It was humiliating. You know what happened next? The female officer went to ask why I was reported in my section and came back to tell me she was putting me back in. My section stood up for me. They had my back. The officer was upset that I was referred that way and I indeed did nothing wrong. I sent a tweet out about what happened. In fact, Tom Garfinkel responded to my tweet. I spoke to several guest service agents, but nothing ever came from it. The parents of the female police officer approached me after the game to thank me for being polite to their daughter. That’s just how I am. I’m not an obnoxious person. I’m just there to have a good time and watch my team win.

So, imagine how I felt today (one year later) when I’m sitting in my seats and I see a police officer and an usher come down and point to me on Sunday. After an awesome time tailgating, it appeared I was going to be booted out of the game. Again. I basically was told I’m too much. My passion was too much. The fan that complained (non-season ticket member) even said to the cop, “I will allow her to stay if she doesn’t hold her signs or flag.” By the way, I talked to the fans earlier in the game. The woman asked me if I could not hold a sign up high. I said to her, “I don’t want you to have a bad time and will only stand during defense and will hold my sign down below by my waist.” She thanked me. I’m a nice person and never like to start fights/confrontations. So, a few minutes later, the police came down. I was sitting down in my seat at the time too, just talking to my friends. Luckily, many other fans next to me defended me. I had to beg to stay in a game. What did I do that was so bad that caused police to come? I was standing and cheering on defense. I’m not understanding how this is unacceptable behavior that would cause me to be escorted out of a game. By the way, the fans that reported me (Dolphins fans) left the 3rd quarter and didn’t even stick around for the end of the game.

I thought the whole point of home field advantage is to stand and cheer on our team to distract the offense of the opposing team. I attend away games every year, and I have never been told to sit down during a game. It’s unacceptable that this has become the norm at Hard Rock Stadium. The part that hurts the worse is the fact the Miami Dolphins media has used me cheering in two promo videos this year, several last year, and the year before that too. The Miami Herald has posted pictures of me cheering at games. I was one of the fans who stayed here for the opening games against Titans. I was at Hard Rock for 12 hours and drove 3.5hours to Orlando after that game. I was exhausted. Physically and emotionally, but it was worth it. No matter the outcome of a game, I’m always glad I went. I love this team.

I’m tired of being treated this way at games. Other fans are tired of being treated this way. It’s not ok. I should not be scared of being arrested/kicked out for just cheering on my team.”

Final Thoughts

Congrats to the ‘72 Dolphins on keeping their undefeated record for one more year. We’ll be popping champagne at our fan club on Sunday to celebrate. I don’t care how long ago it was or the fact I born 10 years after that year. They are still the only team to do it.

We play the Packers on Sunday. It’s going to be tough. I don’t know who will be playing quarterback. I’m really hoping we get Tannehill back, but not likely. Our defense needs to play like they did against the Jets. Our offense needs major help this week. I still believe we can win. I always will. If you’re going to the game, have fun! Cheer loud and proudly for our team. I will be from our fan club.

Enjoy your week DolFans! Go Dolphins!