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Rapid fire reaction to the first half of the Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets

The Miami Dolphins currently lead the New York Jets, 6-0. Here are five takeaways from the first half of play.

NFL: New York Jets at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins currently lead the New York Jets, 6-3. Here are five takeaways from the first half of play. Not listed here because it is developing - Reshad Jones has been out since the third series of the game. No injury has been reported and he has been seen having several animated discussions on the sideline. However, his helmet is nowhere to be found, which usually indicates a player is injured. I’ll keep you updated on Twitter during the second half.

1. Minkah Fitpatrick started on the outside and moved to safety
Fitzpatrick has been tremendous in the slot, owning the lowest rating when quarterbacks throw against him. Today, the Dolphins have moved him to the boundary while also seeing some looks at the safety position. While Fitzpatrick struggled at time on the outside at Alabama, he is a talented player and deserves to be on the field for every defensive snap possible.

2. Frank Gore continues to outsnap Kenyan Drake
Adam Gase said he likes running Frank Gore because he can get positive yardage and knows that he will be consistent. When talking about Drake, Gase said the home run capability is there but with that, it comes the potential for negative yardage. Gore continues to outsnap Drake at a lopsided rate. We get that Gore is a north/south runner, but at some point, you need to let Drake have the chance to shien on the field. The kid is a playmaker.

3. Brock Osweiler is Brock Osweiler, which is kind of like Ryan Tannehill
After coming out to a strong start against the Chicago Bears and a solid start against the Detroit Lions, Brock Osweiler has regressed to the mean. He has showed flashes of great throws but has also left a lot on the field. Additionally, his mobility is limited. But, if you take out the sentence about mobility, you can say that it describes Ryan Tannehill. The Dolphins have a quarterback problem (we all knew that), and is a position the Dolphins have not felt needed an upgrade. We’ll see how they attack it this offseason.

4. The field conditions did not come into play
The talk beginning last night was that the field at Hard Rock Stadium was going to be in terrible shape after the monstrous downpour during the Miami Hurricanes game. This morning, ESPN reported that the field was in horrendous condition. The Dolphins ground crew worked all night to get the field ready and it passed NFL inspection. During the first half, you could not notice (at least to the naked eye) any negatives with the field. Either it wasn’t an issue or the players/coaches adapted to the adverse field conditions. Regardless, it was a nonstory.

5. The Miami Dolphins defense has been much improved
After a horrendous two games against the Lions and Texans, and a mediocre effort against the Bears, the Dolphins defense played sound football in the first half. Yes, it’s the Jets offense. But they have been filing their gaps and playing sound coverage throughout. Defensive Coordinator Matt Burke was animated in team meetings this past week and players said they received the message. They’ll need to keep it up in the second half to win the game.

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