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Hard Rock Stadium field concerns ahead of Jets at Dolphins

Duke v Miami Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The University of Miami lost to Duke last night 20-12. While many South Florida fans are disappointed at the result, the game could also have a big impact on Sunday’s New York Jets at Miami Dolphins game. Saturday night, throughout Duke at Miami, a monsoon poured over Hard Rock Stadium, turning the field into a swamp - a swamp that was torn up throughout the game, and now will be the same field upon which the Jets and Dolphins will play.

Hard Rock Stadium had field issues last year, including when the Jets visited Miami, but the Dolphins eventually found the source of the problems and changed sod providers. The field, since that change, has been immaculate. Standing up after the pouring rain and last night’s game, however, may be hoping for too much.

The field is horrendous,” a league source told ESPN’s Adam Schefter. “It’s a complete s*** show.”

Another source told Schefter, “Heard it here first. The NFL is going to be in the news for the Jets/Dolphins game field playing conditions.”

Schefter adds that complains are the field is not draining and the grass is poor quality.

The Dolphins and Jets will kickoff at 1pm ET today. Hard Rock Stadium’s grounds crew has the morning to try to undo the damage rain and a college football game did to the field last night. It may not be possible to be perfect for today’s game, but hopefully they can get the field into a condition that surprises everyone, especially Schefter’s sources.