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Here’s how good the Colts offensive line has been on their four-game winning streak

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The 5-5 Dolphins return from the bye in a huge game at Indianapolis, who’s at 5-5 and riding a four-game winning streak. The Colts have had an explosive offense centered around the run game and depth at tight end, and that’s something the Dolphins defense has to keep an eye on tomorrow.

In previous seasons during the Andrew Luck era, the Colts bolstered some of the worst offensive lines of this decade, injuring their franchise quarterback and keeping him out for the majority of 2015 and all of 2017. But especially on their four-game winning streak, it’s been on fire, barely allowing any hits on Luck.

Let’s put it this way; The Colts have only allowed one sack in their last four games, and three quarterback hits during this stretch. Since they had a bye during their streak, their three QB hits allowed are the fewest allowed in the last five weeks.

Simply put, the Colts offensive line has enough talent to give Luck a chance to stay up, and Frank Reich’s scheme enhances said talent with a more versatile scheme than seasons past.

On the flipside, the Dolphins defense has produced 40 QB hits, the 2nd fewest on the season (with Oakland’s 29 being in last place). They’ve produced 12 QB hits in the last five weeks, which is weak. The amount of pressure has clearly increased with Cameron Wake back in the lineup, but the hits and sacks aren’t coming, especially with the liabilities at defensive tackle.

This has the makings of a bad matchup with the Colts offensive line going up against the Dolphins’ pass rush.