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Colts vs. Dolphins: Caption This!

Don’t tell me you don’t even have 5 seconds to drop a Wannstedt mustache joke...

Colts v Dolphins X

“Caption This!” is a game where we try to be funny. Give the funniest caption. That’s it. If you like someone else’s caption, be so kind as to give them a REC. (If you don’t know how to REC something, please ask!) Most REC’s win.

(Please remember site rules. Innuendo = good; profanity = bad.)

You know what, when I’m feeling really down in the dumps and droopy in my shoulders, thoughts of robust mustaches make me giggle, kinda like the sound of my uncle farting at Thanksgiving back in...OK, it was last year. I’m 36.

Just. I can’t. Why is merely looking at a picture of Dave Wannstedt so funny to me? I’d like to think I simply have an avant-garde sort of humor, but it’s more likely the sinister passive-aggressive defensive mechanism my mind has meticulously brewed over years of inadequacy. How we couldn’t win it all with Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas, Sam Madison, Ricky Williams, and Pat Surtain at the tops of their game...HEY! A HUGE MUSTACHE, GIGGLE GIGGLE GIGGLE!

Colts v Dolphins X

The former AFC East rivals will face off this Sunday, but I’m quite curious, what do you think Jim Mora and Dave Wannstedt discussed after the game?

My entry:

  • Wannstedt: “Hey, you workin’ hard or hardly workin’?”
  • Mora: “Hey, you talkin’ Playoffs or takin’ plays off?”