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What is the worst Thanksgiving food?

Stephen Baldwin Serves Thanksgiving Dinner

Happy Thanksgiving! It will probably be a pretty slow day around The Phinsider as everyone enjoys family, food, and (non-Miami Dolphins) football. I did want to take a moment and first say Happy Thanksgiving, then share with you the results of one of our latest FanPulse polls.

This week, SB Nation asked all of the NFL fan bases for which Thanksgiving side-food is trash. The results were not even close. Brussels sprouts ran away with the answer, with 41 percent of the respondents hating the dish. Green bean casserole was second at 26 percent, then three standards of the day came in with 24 percent calling cranberry sauce trash, followed by seven percent saying stuffing, and two percent down on mashed potatoes.

I will admit, I was in the seven percent not liking stuffing. I am not a burssels sprouts fan, but I have just never been big on stuffing. There have been a few times that I have eaten really good stuffing, but most of the time, I just skip it and if I am cooking dinner, I probably am not making it.

What is your “trash” food for Thanksgiving?