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What type of fan are you?

Four types of fans

Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Welcome back fans. How did you enjoy the bye week? I’ve gotta admit, it was nice to have a break from daily news and updates about the Dolphins. I took a much needed break from Twitter for a few days. Let’s be honest, Dolphins Twitter hasn’t exactly been enjoyable the last few weeks. You can’t really blame people though. Every week we seem to be getting updates from the Dolphins letting us know about another player who is injured and/or heading to IR for the season. Our team desperately needed this week, the first in 2yrs, to recharge. Let’s hope something positive comes from it.

What type are you?

I titled this piece, “What type of fan are you?” for a few reasons. If you watched any of the games yesterday and followed updates on Twitter and The Phinsider, you probably already know that we’re tied with five other teams at 5-5 for the final AFC playoff spot. That’s right fans. We still have a slim chance to make the playoffs. I already know most of you are rolling your eyes at that comment. I get it. Before the season started, it seemed most people assumed the team would only win 5 games. I remember reading fans who swore we wouldn’t have more than 3 wins. Myself? Yeah, I was sure for at least 10 wins and possibly even 12, if Tannehill remained healthy and no major set backs. Oh, why can’t the Dolphins have nice things. Remember these moments?

It does feel like so long ago. I miss the days when Dolphins Twitter was more hopeful. Fans were excited. Our team was excited. We were winning games and it felt good. I mean, the Dolphins looked like a team that would definitely be making the playoffs. At least, they did to me. Sadly, that hopeful dream has faded with each passing week. Every game started to become more of, “I hope we win, but for the love of God, please just don’t let anyone else get injured.”

So here we are fans. We’re 5-5, despite all these missing players.

We still have six more games. How do you feel about the rest of the season? Are you remaining hopeful are you looking to 2019? Here is my breakdown of the few different types of fans I’ve personally encountered.

We Got This

There are the type of fans, like myself, who still hold on to the slim hope that we can somehow make it into the post-season. Yes, we’ve had terrible luck with injuries and it seems silly to think we can win 4-5 more games but they can do it. Right? Maybe Tannehill will be back when we play the Colts this week. Our team still wants to overcome the injury bug and prove they can overcome the odds and prove the haters wrong. Realistically, we probably will not win enough games to make the playoffs, but you bet I will be watching and cheering the Dolphins on every game like we can. As someone said last week to me, I’m a fan that views this team through rose colored glasses. I’m young, delusional, and naive. First off, thank you. I do feel young, for a 36yr old. Secondly, what’s wrong with remaining hopeful? I realize it’s a long shot for our team and many things need to change, but we have six more games. Even if we don’t make the playoffs, I want our team to win every game they can. I’m going to cross my fingers and hope, by a miracle, we make that last playoff spot. Yes, I’m that hopeful fan.

Same ole’ Dolphins

Here we go again. Another 8-8 season. Why do I even watch this team or have any hope. Will I ever see them win a playoff game in my lifetime? I’m not going to any games now because what’s the point? I’m just going to watch at home. I know many fans like this. Some of my good friends and family feel this way. Nothing wrong feeling this way. I understand. Our team hasn’t won a playoff game in almost 18 years. You start off the season hoping it could be different, but also think, we’ll be lucky to win 9 games. Besides 2016 season, when we went 10-6 and made a playoff game, our seasons have been mediocre. Until that changes, we’re the same ole’ Dolphins.

The Casual Fan

Oh, I root for the Falcons because I live in Atlanta. But, I also root for Packers, because Aaron Rogers. I’m more of a college football fan anyways. The NFL is becoming soft on rules and college is more fun. I’ll go to a game if someone has spare ticket, sure. These are the type of fans that may know a handful of players on their team. They may watch games at home, if they aren’t busy, but not going put too much effort/time into it. I’ve meet many of these fans over the years. I’ve had many people say, “Oh you’re a Dolphins fan (because of a shirt or jacket I’m wearing) huh. From Miami?” Yes, I am. How about yourself, I may ask back, and they state whoever. I then ask what they think about an upcoming game or, even better, if we play them I will ask if they think they’ll win or us. I typically get back, “Oh we play you guys? I didn’t know. When? I’m not one of those die hard fans.” Nothing wrong with being the casual fan, especially if you admit you are one.

Fire Everyone and Start Over

Gase hasn’t done anything with this team. He needs to go. Stephen Ross should have sold this team a while ago. We will never win anything with Tannehill. If we only drafted Russell Wilson. We could have had Drew Brees as a quarterback. We suck. We have to rebuild or we’re not getting anywhere. Ok, let’s talk 2019 draft picks. Those are just a few examples of what I’ve heard and seen fans say. I can understand the frustration. This team has gone through many rough patches. It can frustrating. Does that mean the Dolphins should get rid of everyone and restart? Does that really work? Does anything good come from firing your head coach ever 3-4 years?

What fan will you be?

I’m not saying every fan must fall into those three categories, but those are the different fans I’ve personally encountered. Currently, it seems the Dolphins’ fan base is split. Lately, you’re either on the fire Gase train or you believe he is a good coach who’s done a decent job dealing with all the drama and injuries these past two years. All I can say is I feel like there are way too many couch coaches and athletes out there. I’m a fan of Gase. In my opinion, he is the best coach we’ve had since Shula. Are there things he needs to fix? Yes. His play calling at times is questionable. Nobody is perfect. That being said, he isn’t going anywhere. At least not during this season. I strongly believe nobody will be getting the boot until after this 2018 season. So I ask again, what fan will you be? Will you still watch games and hope we can pull off a miracle and win a few games and possibly make playoffs? Cancel any upcoming trips because of the season? Have you moved on to 2019 draft talk? Are you wanting to lose remaining games for a better draft spot? How will you look at the remaining season? I’m still attending three more games. You better believe I’m going to keep hoping for the best.

There’s Still Hope

The bye week has passed and everyone’s question today is, “Who will be playing quarterback on Sunday?” If we are stuck with Brock Osweiler for the rest of the season, I don’t see us winning any more than 1-2 games. Brock was great for a game or two, and will always be thankful he helped us beat the Bears. That being said, his time is up. The positive news is that today, Gase gave us fans a glimmer of hope.

Tannehill has been throwing this week. He is not ruled out for Sunday. WE MAY HAVE A CHANCE! I think I can say that we fans want anyone but Brock playing on Sunday. I think we will see Tannehill on Sunday. Go ahead and call me naive, but I’m thinking Gase will allow Tannehill to play. I mean, even if he can play just part of the game it’s better than nothing. We need to win to keep a playoff chance. Yes, I still want to make playoffs even if 75% of our starting team is missing. I feel like we owe it to all the IR players to keep fighting for that chance. Speaking of IR, in case you missed it, Jakeem Grant had season-ending surgery today on his leg. We will sadly not see him again until the 2019 season. Rest up and come back even strong Grant. We’ll miss you!

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed that much needed bye week. I know I needed the mental break. We play the Colts this Sunday. Luck is looking good. This will be a tough win, especially on the road. Our team will need all our support. Please enjoy your Thanksgiving with friends and/or family, or with just your pup like I’m doing, and be ready to cheer on your Dolphins this Sunday. Remember the game was moved to 4:25pm start. If you’re attending the game, I hope you have a blast! Win or lose, it’s all about the memories you make with friends that can last a lifetime.

Follow the Dolphins this week and always check out for the latest updates on our team. I know I’m going to say all the prayers this week for Tannehill. We fans deserve to watch a game again with our quarterback.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and see you all next week! Go Dolphins!