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Should Dolphins’ Fans Remain Hopeful at this Point?

It looks like it will be another long winter

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Green Bay Packers Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

I’m sitting here at home trying to decide what to discuss. It’s going to be cold and rainy all day here in Atlanta. The type of day where you wish you could sleep this Monday away. If you’re a Dolphins’ fan, you may be trying to do that after yesterday. Honestly, the only positives from yesterday was watching the Patriots lose to the Titans and the Bills embarrassing the Jets. Our hopeful team, the one that seemed to have so much potential in September, is holding on by a thread. A very very delicate about to snap kind of thread. It’s going to be another long Winter, so prepare yourself fans. It’s 2017 all over again, but even worse.

Dolphins lose to Packers 12-31

I knew the Dolphins would need a miracle to pull of a win yesterday. I was hoping it would happen. I’m still a hopeful fan. Yeah, I even roll my eyes at myself when I say that. I really do love this team, but it’s becoming harder each week to hold on to any hope. We were playing a not so great Packers team. We had somewhat of a chance to win this game, IF, Brock could play like he did against the Bears and if our defense put up a decent effort. Well, you all watched the same game I did right? You know how that turned out.

Dolphins twitter, once again, is depressing. Spent a few minutes scrolling through and it’s sad. Is it just me or does this Monday feel like last Monday? Even though we won last week, it didn’t feel like like a victory. We won because of Jason Sanders and our defense touchdown. This week we only somewhat had a chance, because of Jason Sanders. Two straight weeks without an offensive touchdown. It’s embarrassing. I think it’s safe to say, we need to sit Brock down and give the next guy a chance. I wanted David Fales over Brock since before Tannehill’s injury. In my opinion, he would possibly be a better choice. Of course, when I tweeted that out on Sunday, I was bombarded with replies stating I was wrong. However, it’s not our call to make as fans. We can complain and argue all we want with each other. It’s still up to Gase to make that decision.

Other than Brock, the rest of our offense is missing and just beat up. We’re down to one remaining starting offensive lineman. Just take a peek here.

Let’s list the offensive players that are out: Wilson, Gray, Ju’Wuan James, Tunsil, Sitton, Kilgore, Larsen, Tannehill, Parker, and Jakeem Grant. Have we gone a single week without losing a player? This bye week may just be our only one injury free.

Game Injuries

Jakeem Grant went out of yesterday’s game and it appeared to be an Achilles tear. I wanted to sit and cry at the table when I saw him hobbling out. It’s so upsetting watching good players possibly having season ending injuries. However, today we learned some better news.

It’s not great news, because he is walking around today in a boot and still out for a while, but it could have been worse. We can be thankful I it’s not as bad as we feared. I have no medical training, so just my opinion based answer here. I’m betting we won’t see Grant back on the field for the remaining 2018 season.

DeVante Parker left 3rd quarter with a shoulder injury. It appears he is walking around today with his arm in a sling. The 2.5 games he has been able to play, he was playing well. No word yet on his return. Gase was asked about the status of Grant and Parker today and he said nobody brought up them missing the rest of the season. We should know more after we get results from their MRI’s. But with the luck of our team, it’s probably safe to say I wouldn’t count on them returning anytime soon.

Let’s discuss that Bobby McCain hit. He is another player who left during the third quarter with a head injury. Remember that play?

That was an illegal blindside hit. He should have been ejected hitting a defenseless player like that. It was an absolutely unnecessary hit. Equanimeous Brown could have just pushed him out of bounds. I hope he gets a hefty fine this week for that hit. McCain is in concussion protocol this week.

Players of the Game

This week the two best players were Frank Gore and kicker Jason Sanders. If we had Ryan Tannehill playing, I think Parker would be on this list as well (before his injury). Let’s give a congratulations to Frank Gore for setting an NFL record yesterday.

Frank Gore set an NFL record with 14 consecutive seasons rushing for 500+ yards. Every season of his career. The dude is a beast! Our team is struggling, but this guy is out there every week playing with all his heart. We love you Gore!

Jason Sanders was the MVP yesterday. He is the only reason we even scored 12 points. Here’s how he has played this season so far.

I’m glad we ended up with Sanders. If we had Parkey instead, could you just imagine how much worse we would be? I tweeted this out yesterday, but it almost felt like we had the spirit of Tony Sparano with us yesterday. Remember those days when we won games with just field goals? Honestly, I would have been just fine if we won that way. Unfortunately it didn’t work out for us.

Final Thoughts

It’s our bye week. Our first one in two years. Remember we lost ours last year due to the hurricane. Our team needs this week off. I read the players are off the whole week. Good. We need our team to rest up and we need our coaches to find replacement players to sign. If we want any slight chance to overcome these disastrous few weeks, we need a miracle. Nobody knows if Tannehill will be playing when we face the Colts. Gase was asked today and only said he will start throwing next week. If we want any kid of chance to redeem this season, we need Ryan Tannehill back and healthy. If he is not coming back, we should try out Fales. Why not give him a chance over Brock?

Dolphins’ fans, do you have some kind of pre-game ritual, or maybe a lucky pair of underwear? If you just pray, like myself, please do what you can this week to bring good luck to our team. We’re hurting. It’s difficult being a Dolphins fan right now. Let’s be honest, it’s been difficult the last 18 years or so. We could be worse. We could be Jets’ or Raiders’ fans. That being said, this season is heart-breaking. Think back before the season kicked off. How many games did you think we would win? I believed 10-12 wins. It’s hard watching a team have so much potential and then watching it fall apart week by week. All I thought this year was that there is no way we could be worse than 2017. Looks like I may have spoken too soon.

I’ll end with this. I purposely didn’t discuss coaching changes or anything like that. If you want to rant away about how Gase is done or what needs to happen, feel free in comments or on Twitter. Truth be told, I’m not sure what needs to change. We’ll find out at the end of the season. I do think we will be closing the door on someone.

We have no game next Sunday. Next week’s piece will be about any injury updates and then I’m not sure yet. Let’s see what happens over the next week in the Dolphins’ organization. I hope your week!

Go Dolphins!