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Dolphins Fans Should be Angry

Miami Dolphins v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images

This week’s loss almost hurts worse than last week. These kind of Mondays are getting old. Quick. I know it’s only the Dolphins second loss, but they have been bad ones, and nobody is to blame but themselves. I’m angry. As a fan, you should be angry too. We watched our team go from a 17-0 lead, through almost the first three quarters, to a team who completely fell apart and lost 27-17. It doesn’t make sense. Once again, I’m not looking forward to discussing what happened during the game. In all honesty, I’m not even sure what happened in the 4th quarter. Does our team even know what happened? Before I dive into the disappointment of that game, I want to share the good parts about the weekend.

DolFan Meetup in Cincy

As many of you know, I attended the game. It was my first time in Cincinnati. Honestly, it was a great weekend all the way up until the 4th quarter on Sunday. My dad made the trip with me. We drove up from Atlanta on Friday afternoon and returned home late last night. I met up with fellow Dolphins fans who traveled from all over the country to attend the game. First off, I want to give a huge shoutout to Griffin Van Nest for setting up this meetup for all of us DolFans. Griffin contributes fan articles on The Phinsider. He may be writing one about this weekend, and if he does, please take a second to check it out. Thanks for everything this weekend Griffin. It was a blast!

Honestly, I almost enjoy away games more than home ones. You get to meet so many other fans from all over the world. Some of my closest friends, who I consider family, I met at away games. The Dolphins could be having a losing season, but you wouldn’t know it when you meet up with fellow fans. We all share one common goal. We want to watch our Miami Dolphins win and want to have fun while doing so. If our team doesn’t win, we will at least make sure the rest of the weekend was a success. I can tell you firsthand that it was.

Saturday afternoon many of us met up to watch afternoon college games. A couple other Phinsider guys, Sutton and Matthew Cantana, joined us as well. Here is a picture with Griffin and Sutton from Saturday night at Brother’s Bar and Grill.

The meetups the night before the big games are always fun. It’s an opportunity to get to know other fans on a more personal level. Like, for example, some fans discovered I am an Auburn fan and a Noles fan. Two disappointing games as well. Let’s just not discuss those. But, other than the outcome of those two games, it was a great evening. I met so many other fans and made some new friends. Here was the group shot of just some of us that afternoon.

This is what I enjoy most about football season. The memories we make attending games. We all come from a variety of different backgrounds, cultures, political views, etc. and it doesn’t matter. You put that aside and you just enjoy the fact that we all share the love and hate relationship of being a Miami Dolphins fan. Let’s be honest. It’s not always easy being a fan of this team. That being said, we’re all still here each year. That’s what a true fan does. Sticks around through the good and bad. Of all the years I’ve been attending games, I haven’t regretted attending one yet.

Sunday Tailgate

Let’s get to Sunday now. The tailgate was awesome! If you have yet to attend a football game, let me give you a tip. Always tailgate. Always. Tailgating is what makes games worth the visit because if your team loses, it’s makes the loss a bit more bearable. We tailgated at Longworth Hall on Sunday. It was about .4 mile away from the stadium. We got there about 9am and the lot was almost completely filled. Here is a picture of me and my dad from when we first arrived.

I will tell ya one thing about Bengals fans. They do love to tailgate. The fans were great to us during the tailgate. You will always have those one or two obnoxious fans, but otherwise they were very welcoming. We had a good crew. Here is our group photo from Sunday morning.

Safe to say we had about 100 fans or so in our tailgate. Some were local and others came as far away as Canada to attend this game. Here were a few Canadians I met. I had to take a picture with them to show my best friend who is also Canadian.

The tailgate was a success. Great friends, food, drinks, and just an overall good time. Now, let’s get into the game.

The Game

The first half of the game the Dolphins looked good. Solid. I didn’t think we would start off that well. It was exciting! I mean after last week against the Patriots, most of us fans just didn’t want another embarrassing game. The Dolphins were down several key players, but they kept it together and dominated the first half. Our defense looked good. Bengals fans weren’t too happy. I had a few fans nearby who kept yelling at us and made it clear they weren’t season ticket holders. Don’t be those kind of fans. Just don’t do it. Other than the few obnoxious fans, the first half even through the 3rd quarter was fun.

I’m not up for going through plays/players this week. I’m angry. We all watched our team fall apart and it should make the players, the coaches, and especially us fans, all angry. What happened? I know Tannehill messed up. Bad. He took the blame for his mistakes as well. I’m not a fan who is jumping on that, “He has to go.” wagon, yet. Because truth be told, our team failed in other areas as well besides the quarterback position. Play calling was bad. It all went bad in a matter of minutes. Why? Why can’t the Dolphins have nice things? Our team has a horrific offensive line, but somehow managed to do well Sunday until they just didn’t. Yes, Laremy Tunsil injury started the downward spiral, but I’m not going to blame the loss on that alone. In all honesty, from my view at the game and the way the fans started acting around us, it was difficult to see exactly what was causing our team to fall apart. I just know it went from hope, to what the heck is going on, in a matter of minutes. Remember when the Falcons were beating the Patriots in 2017 Super Bowl and then suddenly they fell apart? That’s what Sunday reminded me of. I don’t know what else to say.

I would have been ok with a loss, if we put up a fight. I mean, we did at first. Our team falling apart during games is getting old. Something has to change and needs to happen fast. It’s the middle of October. We still have several more games, but we can’t keep having weeks like the past two.

Final Thoughts

We have the Bears this Sunday at home. It’s also the Away Fan Club appreciation weekend. I will be attending the game with my best friend of 9 years and many many other fans from my local Atlanta Club and other clubs from all over the country. Our team needs a win. Our fans need this win. These last two weeks have been rough. Something needs to change. I really hope to see a different team come Sunday. Either way, I’m still going to enjoy the time with other DolFans. If you are in town for the game come meet up with everyone Saturday night at Bokampers in Ft. Lauderdale. Like I mentioned earlier, we always have a good time at our meetups.

Go Dolphins!