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Miami Dolphins fans mindset before the game against Cincinnati Bengals

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Miami Dolphins Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I understand Dolphins fan that last Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots was a nightmare. This doesn’t mean that the season is over, it’s just the beginning of the NFL season. The Dolphins are 3-1. Let’s be honest not a lot of Dolphins fans expected that start.

Let’s just say on Twitter, Dolphins followers are iffy about Sunday’s matchup against the Bengals. It’s totally understandable, but you can’t continue thinking about past results that’s when it becomes an issue. I’m a Dolphins fan myself and I’m not going to hide it. We have to view tomorrow’s game as an opportunity for the Dolphins to rebound back from last Sunday’s debacle.

It’s time for Dolphins head coach Adam Gase, quarterback Ryan Tannehill, and company to lead the Dolphins to victory on Sunday. I know we are going through a lot of injuries, but that doesn’t mean the Dolphins are not capable of winning tomorrow. This is the current mindset of some Dolphins fans and I’m here to tell you there is hope for the Dolphins to win this game against the Bengals. This current Dolphins team is being undermined at a high level by everyone.

This team is talented... Yes, I said it because with the right game plan the Dolphins will come out with a victory tomorrow. The mindset of Dolphins fans right now is about tomorrow’s game but in the rear-view mirror, the Patriots game still reflects. Let’s focus on this game against the Bengals, take care of business and the team will stand with a record of 4-1. There is always light at the end of the tunnel and not darkness after a bad loss.

Miami Dolphins (3-1) vs Cincinnati Bengals (3-1) 1 pm Eastern Standard Time

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