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The Blowhole Episode 2: The Pats Strike Back

Future Of Whales Awaits IWC Commission Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images

James Ferreria (aka James Radio) and Rob (no one really knows his actual last name or if he even has one but he does also go by Rob Cast) return this week with yet another episode of the Blowhole. The guys will discuss the pain and anguish that was last Sunday afternoon at the hands of the hated New England Patriots. They will also delve into this weeks game in Cincinnati against the Cincinnati Bengals with much hope for a better and more enjoyable, less soul crushing outcome than last week. Also, through what is no doubt a drunken haze, they will discuss the second quarter of the Miami Dolphins season followed by some predictions for the rest of the NFL in week five. So please tune in to find out what the guys have to say about things and to see if either or both manage to not pass out before officially ending the broadcast.