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Phinsider Mailbag requests - Submit your Week 5 Miami Dolphins questions

NFL: Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Ouch. Week 4 was ugly for the Miami Dolphins, so it is time to try to get away from that game as quickly as possible. It is time to move on to Week 5 preparations, so let’s turn to our weekly Phinsider Mailbag as a start.

You all have been killing it lately with your questions, so keep it up!

All you have to do is leave a question in the comments below. We will request questions every Wednesday, then post the mailbag answers on Thursday. Feel free to ask any Dolphins question you want, whether it be about the last game, the next game, or anything related to the team. And, with where this team is right now, there are probably plenty of questions to be asked.

If you are hitting us up on Twitter, use #AskPhinsider. We will check there for any questions to include as well.

Now, let’s get some questions!