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Anatomy of a Play: Danny Amendola’s 28-yard TD pass to Kenyan Drake

It may have been an ugly loss, but Danny Amendola’s touchdown pass to Kenyan Drake was a thing of beauty.

Miami Dolphins v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

By now we all know, the Dolphins got dismantled in front of the world on Thursday Night Football, 23-42.

The defense was putrid and allowed Lamar Miller to rush for 133 yards and a touchdown, as he looked to get revenge against his former team.

Even worse, Deshaun Watson finished the game with more touchdown passes (5) than incompletions (4). DeAndre Hopkins —and a tight end no one heard of named Jordan Thomas— each had two touchdowns.

The poor performance by the Dolphins’ defense over the last several weeks is inexcusable, and Matt Burke and Adam Gase have 8 days to address the issues.

Offensively, Miami did what you’d expect from a team riddled by injuries. They kept things competitive for the better part of three quarters, before things spun out of control late in the game.

With all of that said,A in a game with such little good, one play stood out above the rest.

Mid-way through the third quarter, the Dolphins needed a play that would spark life in the offense.

This double-pass from Brock Osweiler, to Danny Amendola, to Kenyan Drake was just the play Adam Gase’s team needed.

Let’s take a look at the film.

Here is the first of two All-22 angles of the play.

The play begins by tight end Nick O’Leary motioning from the top of the formation, into the backfield.

This play almost doesn’t happen because of the initial penetration up the middle, almost gets to Osweiler. Thankfully, he’s able to get the pass off to Danny Amendola. At first glance, I wasn’t sure if it was a forward pass, but after further review it was definitely thrown behind the line of scrimmage.

Here’s another look at the play from the endzone.

What makes this play —other than the creativity and the blocking up front—is Mike Gesicki taking three defenders with him and opening things up for Kenyan Drake on the outside.

Watch as the ball is snapped, how many defenders begin running with Mike Gesicki.

And then of course, the absolute dime thrown by Danny Amendola, who is now 2-2 in his NFL career. Jokes began to fly as to whether or not he should be the Dolphins’ new starting quarterback, but all jokes aside, it was a hell of a pass.

One more look, with a squiggly-line from Troy Aikman.

This trick play cut the lead to 4 and gave the Dolphins new life. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long as the defense allowed the Texans to score two plays later.

For all of the bad we have seen throughout this season from the offensive and defensive play-calling, when Adam Gase wants to get creative, it’s a thing of beauty. Let’s hope we see more plays like this in the second-half of the season. Because if for anything at all, it makes things exciting.

This article was written by Josh Houtz. Follow him on Twitter!

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