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Another Loss and More injuries.

Why can’t we have nice things?

NFL: Detroit Lions at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

It’s hard being a devoted fan sometimes. Sure, when your team comes off a win like they did last week, it’s easy to find a reason to smile. That’s not the case this morning. We’re Miami Dolphins’ fans. Our season hits highs and lows often. As much as we were hopeful yesterday morning, that’s quickly fading.

We lost 32-21 at home to the Lions. Our first loss at home for the 2018 season. How do you feel after yesterday’s game? It’s hard to describe that game. It wasn’t exciting. It wasn’t a good game nor a horrible one (compared to the other two). It was a frustrating game to watch and it definitely was a let down compared to our team who showed up last week. Are we getting a glimpse of how our team may end up looking the rest of the season? If we compare to some previous seasons, then yes. After watching Sunday’s game, if we continue this way, we’re on the track to be a 7-10 game win season, at best. Another middle of the pack NFL team. Playoff chances are quickly fading away if our team doesn’t change. Let’s break down Sunday and the next few days.

The Good

Brock Osweiler played decently well. He threw two touchdown passes. I’m glad we have him as a backup. He is proving to be a solid backup. I want Tannehill back. I know other fans may not agree. I’m really hoping he will return before our next home game against the Jets. Only time will tell.

Back to the good part of Sunday. Osweiler had several good passes. His first touchdown pass, middle of second quarter, to Kenny Stills finally got us on the board. At that point, we still had plenty of game left.

The second touchdown was a 54-yd run by Kenyan Drake.

A beautiful run by Kenyan. Drake’s touchdown brought us to 20-17 and we still had hope for our team to comeback. They have come back from worse, right? We can win this.

Middle of 4th quarter and here comes Osweiler’s second touchdown pass. That throw to Amendola brought the game to 29-20.

Incredible pass by Osweiler. If fact, probably his career best. Let’s not forget it was Amendola’s first touchdown as a Dolphins’ player.

That about sums up the best parts of the game. When Sander’s missed the field goal attempt in the last minute of the game, that sealed the victory for Lions. Overall, our offense wasn’t the main problem. They did get us points. Now, our offensive has still yet to score on an opening drive this season. That’s a bit embarrassing. They didn’t play their best and dealing with injuries. But, with that said, they didn’t cost us the game. Our defense did.

Here were some of the better offensive players from Sunday’s game: (besides, Osweiler) Amendola, Grant, Gesicki, and O’Leary. Now, onto the bad.

The Bad

The name Kerryon Johnson just would not go away during yesterday’s game. He ran all over our defense. The guy was unstoppable against us. Lions scored on 8 of the 9 times they had possession of the ball. I was hoping to see a glimpse of our team from last week. Kiko had a few stops here or there, from what I can remember, but our defense’s lack of performance cost us this game. Simple as that. They could not shut down the Lions. It’s hard watching our team play like they did just one week before. Where did our defense go? Will they get it together in time for Thursday? I’m guessing that is the top question on most our minds.

The Ugly

The hits just keep on coming. Our offense is slowly falling apart. Why can’t we have nice things? It appears the Dolphins may have lost Albert Wilson for the season.

I may have taken a few moments to pull myself back together after hearing about his injury. As of now, it’s a wait and see situation. Kenny Stills has an injury and that may very well keep him out this next game. Oh and if it’s not enough, there was drama between Gase and WR Parker. Here was a tweet listing statements from Parker’s agent.

Now that was going around last night. You heard rumors of the Dolphins shopping Parker, but that may change as the list of injuries keeps climbing. We can’t afford to lose another player, if we want a chance to salvage this season. I would expect to see Parker play this week. We can still have a playoff/wildcard potential season, but we need changes. We’re only 4-3. We’re still second in the AFC East. We need to stop losing players to injuries. I don’t know exactly what our team needs, if I’m honest. Does anyone? Maybe an identity of who this team really is?

We have a short week and play this Thursday night in Houston. Our team has a day, at most, to process what happened and then move on. We play Thursday. I really dislike Thursday games. Most teams do. We need to win, if want to be more than the same ole mediocre team.

Next game is this Thursday. If you are going to the game, please help bring us home a win. This is a tough Monday, but our season is far from over. Go Dolphins!