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Miami Dolphins fan confidence starts to rebound after win over Chicago Bears

NFL: Chicago Bears at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Dolphins fans hit a season-low in their confidence in the direction of the team after a Week 5 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. How would they react when the Dolphins came away with a Week 6 overtime win over the Chicago Bears?

The confidence would grow - a lot. After being down to just 34 percent of fans saying they were confident in the direction of the team last week, the SB Nation FanPulse confidence poll now shows 63 percent of Dolphins fans are confident in the team’s direction. That is a 29 point swing from after Week 5 to after Week 6.

That jumps moves the Dolphins from last in the AFC East to third, jumping over the Buffalo Bills, who came in with just 28 percent of their fans saying they are confident in the direction of the team. The New York Jets are second, just ahead of Miami at 69 percent. The New England Patriots are up to 86 percent confident this week.

The Dolphins’ 29 point jump is the third largest gain this week, behind just the Philadelphia Eagles (49 percent after Week 5 to 88 percent after Week 6, 39 point increase) and the Baltimore Ravens (42 percent to 77 percent, 35 point increase)