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Phinsider Meme Central: G6

Brocka Flocka Flame

Meme Worthy

What an awesome game!

A complete emotional roller coaster, but thankfully it had a happy ending.

My voice, and the voices of those around me at Hard Rock Stadium, were completely shot.

Please keep this effort, intensity and level of execution up Miami Dolphins!

On to the fun stuff...

This isn’t even a meme. Just a cool pic of a journeyman QB who proved a lot of people wrong, including me. Well done Brock.

Brock & Roll
The Interwebs

With 3 seconds to go in OT, Adam Gase called upon Jason Sanders, aka The Colonel, to serve up a bucket of something extra crispy for the Chicago Bears.

11 Points & Spices

Did we just witness the first of many “wow” moments from rookie TE Mike Gesicki? Perhaps we’re finally seeing “GetSexy” spread those wings!

Airborne Infantry

Rumor has it that Bears CB Kyle Fuller fell because he got TeaBagged by Mike Gesicki. Well, being that this is a family-friendly website, you’ll just have to settle for this PG-rated interpretation.

Fresh Brewed

Speaking of TEs taking flight, did you know that Nick O’Leary is the grandson of golfing legend Jack Nicklaus? Fittingly, he spread some golf-themed wings.

Hello friends...

There were many heroes for Miami, including WR Kenny Stills. His toe-tap for the 2 point conversion was so stellar, even ballet legend Mikhail Baryshnikov was impressed.

Happy Feet

Our MVP of the game was easily WR/RB/ATH Albert Wilson. He was all over the damn field. By the end of the game, he had the Bears defense feeling like Halloween came early.

Who Ya Gonna Call?