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Bears at Dolphins final score and immediate reactions

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Cincinnati Bengals David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins and Chicago Bears have completed their Week 6 contest, with the overtime win by the Dolphins 31-28.

Immediate Reactions

This game was fun. It was stressful, it was exciting, it was fun.

Injuries clearly had an impact on this game for the Dolphins, though they did mask them fairly decently. Brock Osweiler starting in place of Ryan Tannehill, no Cameron Wake, no Charles Harris, no Bobby McCain, and somehow the team stayed within striking distance of the Bears, even after a 21 point third quarter from the visiting Bears. At the end of the game, however, it felt like the defense was starting to tire, leading to some plays that were stopped early in the game now finding success for Chicago.

The fourth-quarter was incredible, with Miami fighting back to tie it, then the Bears methodically working down field to score, then Miami scoring on one play.

There are still things that need to be fixed: the offense was not great, the defense has to stop dying late in the game leading to big gains for the opposing offense. And the receivers dropped too many passes. But for a team starting their backup quarterback and missing multiple starters around the roster, it was a solid game.


1st Quarter

The Bears deferred after winning the coin toss, with the Dolphins receiving to start the game.

Dolphins 1st possession. Miami started the game with a run from Frank Gore, a theme that they need to keep all game long. Kenyan Drake and Gore need to be fed the ball constantly this weekend. Brock Osweiler, starting in place of the injured Ryan Tannehill, found tight end Nick O’Leary on second down for a 14-yard gain and giving Miami a first down. Another Gore run picked up four yards, but then two incomplete passes, including a dropped pass by Albert Wilson on 3rd-and-6 that would have converted for the first down. Miami punted.

Bears 1st possession. The Bears started with a Mitchell Trubisky incomplete pass, followed by a Jordan Howard run for two yards. After a deep pass from Tubisky was over thrown, the Bears punted.

Dolphins 2nd possession. After the punt, Miami started at their own 46 yard line. After Gore picked up no yards, Drake picked up five, then Osweiler looked deep for Jakeem Grant, picking up 25 yards. Gore picked up three yards, then Osweiler found Danny Amendola for three yards, then an unnecessary roughness penalty on the Bears for body slamming Amendola down onto the turf added 15 more yards. A two yard run from Gore set up a five-yard touchdown pass from Osweiler to O’Leary.

Dolphins 7-0.

Bears 2nd possession. The Bears would pick up 33 yards on ten plays over 6:41 on their drive, but nothing would come from it. Taylor Gabriel picked up nine yards on the first play, Trubisky picked up four yards on the third play and eight yards on the fourth play, then a seven yard pass from Trubisky to Tarik Cohen set up a 2nd-and-3. A delay of game penalty pushed back the Bears to 2nd-and-8, eventually leading to a 4th-and-1 attempt that was stopped by a Reshad Jones tackle before Cohen could gain any yardage.

Dolphins 3rd possession. Gore broke a 14-yard run just before the end of the quarter.

End 1st Quarter.

2nd Quarter

Dolphins 3rd possession (continued). On 3rd-and-8, the Bears brought a blitz and Osweiler looked across the middle, but the ball was tipped and fell just out of the reach of tight end Mike Gesicki. Miami would punt.

Bears 3rd possession. The Bears again started eating clock, though Miami was able to sack Trubisky twice on the drive. On first down, a defensive pass interference penalty on Kiko Alonso advanced the ball four yards and gave Chicago a new first down. Trubisky was then sacked by Jonathan Woodard for a seven yard loss. Trubisky found Allen Robinson and Taylor Gabriel on the next two plays, for an eight yard gain and a 13 yard gain, respectively. Howard picked up three yards on first down, then two incomplete passes appeared to kill the drive before a holding penalty on Torry McTyer extended the drive. Howard picked up a couple of yards, followed by a Trubisky to Robinson pass for seven yards. On 3rd-and-1, Trubisky picked up two yards to set up a new set of downs. Cohen was tackled for a five yard loss when Andre Branch blew up a screen pass, then an incomplete pass set up 3rd-and-15, with Vincent Taylor sacking Trubisky. The Bears punted after a 11 play, 26 yard drive with a time of possession of 6:07.

Dolphins 4th possession. Miami could not do anything on their drive. Gore picked up four yards on 1st down, but then a false start on Jesse Davis backed Miami in to a 2nd-and-11. After he scrambled scrambled for six yards, Osweiler came back and found Drake for one yard on 3rd-and-5, leading to a Miami three-and-out punt.

Bears 4th possession. The Bears jump started their offense wit a 47-yard pass from Trubisky to Gabriel, beating single coverage by McTyer, and giving the Bears a 1st-and-10 at the Miami 18. An incomplete pass was followed by Trubisky finding Cohen for nine yards. Howard then picked up three yards to set up 1st-and-Goal at the Miami 6. After a four yard gain from Howard, the Bears looked to Howard on 2nd-and-Goal from the 2, only to have Howard fumble and Kiko Alonso recovering at the 1.

Dolphins 5th possession. Starting at their own 1-yard line, Miami found breathing room with an 11-yard catch-and-run from Osweiler to O’Leary. Gore then picked up four yards, followed by a pass from Osweiler to Wilson for five yards taking the clock to the 2-minute warning. Drake picked up 12 yards after the break, followed by an incomplete pass targeting tight end Mike Gesicki. Osweiler found Amendola for six yards on 2nd-and-10, then found Drake for five yards to set up a first down play with 47 seconds remaining. After an incomplete pass, the Dolphins were forced to take a time out with 37 seconds left. After a pass for 11 yards to Amendola and another timeout, Osweiler looked deep for DeVante Parker but it was intercepted at the Dolphins four-yard line.

Bears 6th possession. Benny Cunningham picked up three yards to kill the clock.


3rd Quarter

The Bears will receive the second-half kickoff.

Bears 7th possession. Trubisky picked up 28 yards on the first play, then a pass interference penalty on Minkah Fitzpatrick moved the ball down to the Miami 15-yard line. A pass to Cohen picked up six yards, followed by a nine-yard catch-and-run on the pop-pass from Burton for the touchdown.

Tied. 7-7.

Dolphins 6th possession. Gore picked up nine yards on first down from the 25-yard line, followed by a three-yard gain on second down by Drake. After an incomplete pass, Drake picked up three yards, then Osweiler looked toward Wilson, but Kevin Fuller picked off the pass and returned it to the Miami 12-yard line.

Bears 8th possession. Trubisky found Robinson for the 12-yard touchdown.

Bears 14-7.

Dolphins 7th possession. Drake picked up six yards on first down, followed by Osweiler finding O’Leary for a 19-yard catch-and-run. Drake then picked up nine yards on first down, setting up a 2nd-and-inches. Osweiler found Amendola to convert the first down with a five-yard gain. Gore would pick up another five yards before Miami would settle for a 50-yard field goal from Jason Sanders.

Bears 14-10.

Bears 9th possession. After a half full of long drives doing nothing, the Bears put together a quick, 3 play, 75-yard drive that lasted one minute. Trubisky connected with Gabriel for 54 yards to start the drive, then, after an incomplete pass, Cohen ran for 21 yards untouched for the score.

Bears 21-10.

Dolphins 8th possession. Osweiler threw incomplete toward Amendola on first down, but a roughing the passer penalty gave the Dolphins 15 free yards. Osweiler then connected with Amendola for 13 yards, followed by an eight-yard Gore run. Drake then picked up four yards to convert the first down. Osweiler then picked up two yards on the keeper, converting the first down, followed by Gore bouncing an inside run outside for 11 yards. After a delay of game penalty, Osweiler found Drakde on the completion, but the play gained no yards. Osweiler then threw a one-yard pass to Mike Gesicki, but the tight end turned it into an 11-yard gain, setting up a 3rd-and-4 for the Bears’ 11-yard line. Osweiler then moved out to his left on the scramble, but threw the pass away, setting up another Sanders field goal.

Bears 21-13.

Bears 10th possession. The Bears picked up three yards on a Trubisky run before the end of the quarter.

End 3rd Quarter.

4th Quarter.

Bears 10th possession (continued). Trubisky threw a quick slant to Cohen, who turned it into a 50-yard. After a Howard run for three yards, Trubisky found Robinson for a toe-tap catch on the sideline for 21 yards, setting up 1st-and-Goal at the Miami 3. The play was upheld in a challenge, then Trubisky connected with Cohen for a touchdown, but an offensive pass interference penalty took the points off the board and backed up Chicago. T.J. McDonald picked off the next pass, stopping the Bears drive.

Dolphins 9th possession. Grant dropped a catchable pass on first down, then caught a pass for five yards. Osweiler then connected with Wilson for 28 yards. A screen pass to Grant only picked up two yards, then Drake attempted to bounce a run back outside, but was stopped for a two-yard gain. On 3rd-an-6, Miami went back to the bubble screen with Wilson, who broke through the defense for the 43-yard touchdown. The team attempted to two-point conversion, initially looking for Amendola but finding Kenny Stills crossing the back of the endzone.

Tied. 21-21.

Bears 11th possession. Now in a tied game, the Bears got the ball back with nine minutes remaining and started chewing up clock as they worked their way down the field. It appeared that the Dolphins had made a stop to force a three-and-out, but a defensive pass interference call on Fitzpatrick continued the Bears’ drive. After a Cohen seven-yard run, Trubisky found Cohen for 11 yards, then scrambled for three yards. Howard then picked up six yards, then four yards, then Cunningham picked up one yard. After an incomplete pass, Trubisky connected with a wide open Miller for a 29-yard touchdown.

Bears 28-21.

Dolphins 10th possession. Osweiler threw short to Wilson on first down, who then broke it for a 75-yard touchdown.

Tied. 28-28.

Bears 12th possession. Trubisky found Wilson for 16 yards on first down, then Xavien Howard blew up the screen pass in the backfield for a four yard loss. After the 2-minute warning, Trubisky found Cohen for 11 yards, but Alonso hit the ball with his helmet, forcing a fumble and Howard recovered it.

Dolphins 11th possession. Osweiler threw incomplete toward Drake as the running back fell down on his route. Osweiler then found Wilson on the screen pass, but it was read well by Chicago and stopped for no gain. After a four-yard gain on a pass to Wilson, the Dolphins decided to punt.

Bears 13th possession. Chicago knelt on the ball, heading into overtime.

End 4th quarter.


The Dolphins won the toss and will receive to start overtime. A touchdown would win the game, while a field goal would allow the Bears to have a possession.

Dolphins 12th possession. Miami started with a one-yard gain on a pass to Wilson, but Amendola was called for an illegal block and Miami backed up to 1st-and-20. Gore then picked up nine yards on the second first-down play. On the 2nd-and-11, Osweiler was incomplete then had to roll to his right on 3rd-and-11, throwing for Amendola who could not bring it in, but somehow the ball bounced to Kenny Stills for 35 yards. Drake picked up two yards on the next play before Gore broke one for 32 yards, down to the Chicago seven-yard line. Gore picked up five yards on the next run, setting up second-and-goal from the two, and making Gore the first running back to reach 100 yards against the Bears this year. Gore was stopped at the one-yard line on 2nd-and-Goal. On 3rd-and-Goal, Drake fumbled as he tried to bounce outside of the pile, with the Bears recovering.

Bears 14th possession. Trubisky started the drive with a five-yard pass to Burton. Then Howard picked up 19 yards followed by 15 more. Then Cohen added two yards. After Howard gained no yards, Cody Parkey looked to beat his former team, but missed a 53-yard field goal.

Dolphins 13th possession. The Dolphins came back with Drake on the next drive, picking up four yards, then 15 yards on a pass, then three yards on the ground. Osweiler then picked up six yards on a pass to Amendola, then spiked the ball with three seconds remaining. Sanders came on for the 47 yard attempt, connecting it with no time remaining for the win!