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The Blowhole Episode 3: Revenge Of The Fish

Future Of Whales Awaits IWC Commission Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images

James (not me but that other guy named James) and Rob return again this week to discuss your Miami Dolphins along with the usual minutia about anything and everything you can think of. Not sure if it was the heavy sedation (aka tequila) but James Radio decides to tell you all about the new movie Venom. The guys also welcome Mathew Schiel, the Chicago Bears fan from the Matt & Dave show to talk about this weeks Dolphins Vs the Bears game. Eventually the guys get around to breaking down the rest of this weeks NFL line up. So be sure to tune in and find out if both James and Rob manage to stay awake throughout the entire show despite what was no doubt copious amounts of booze.

Please click the link below to listen to what the boys have to say or just to find out if they start to slur their words. You can also download the entire podcast for free HERE!