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Phinsider Mailbag Week 6 answers: Hot seats, offensive tackles, and three quarterbacks

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The Phinsider Mailbag is back with our answers to question you left us yesterday. The Dolphins have lost two straight games, one being blown out from the opening kickoff and one losing in a fourth-quarter collapse. That has lead to frustrating questions about the team, both within the team itself and within the fanbase.

Once again, you brought some strong questions to the mailbag, and here are the answers to some of them. Many of the questions this week were similar, so I selected one that I thought would allow me to touch on most of the other questions.

If you want to get your question into next week’s mailbag, watch for the request post on Wednesday. Or, you can always leave the question on Twitter using the #AskPhinsider hashtag so we can find it.

Let’s get to the questions:

Why are we still carrying 3 QB’s? How many other teams are carrying 3? Still a waste of space! - 39 is number 1

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When would Gase and/or Tanny officially be on the hot seat? Another loss? Several losses? Missed playoffs? Not this season at all, regardless of outcome? - GetOffMyFlipperSon!!!

It depends on the rest of this year. If the team continues to collapse like this, maybe this is the year. But, last season was a lost season from the moment Ryan Tannehill was injured, so that really will not have an impact on what happens with this season. I could see a situation where the team decides Tannehill is not their quarterback and moves next year to find his replacement, but I do not think, short of a complete collapse this season, Adam Gase ends up on a hot seat.

Will Ross sell the team after the season and leave this mess for some one else to try and fix . All new front office and coaches? - Dolfanjoe


I understand that Sterrup is the better back up LT, but Young was active because he can play both sides, though he is better at RT. Is there truth to this? - jonman

I think that is really what happened there. Sam Young is the “swing tackle” for the team, able to move between left and right tackle as needed - except we discovered this week, that was not exactly true. There is always going to be a drop off when a starter is replaced, but it was severe on Sunday. I think a situation where they wanted one guy to be a bandaid for an emergency situation in a game over two positions came back to bite them when Young never got comfortable at the position.

The Dolphins shed three of their largest contracts this offseason, including Suh, Landry, and Pouncey. That should have allowed us to acquire better depth across the entire team for this season. So how come EVERY SINGLE TIME we lose a starter to injury, there is a truly disastrous dropoff to the backups, whatever the position may be? Is it a problem with talent acquisition, or are the coaches failing to adequately “coach up” the backups? - Redwood_

I do not think that is completely true. DeVante Parker’s been out most of the year, and it was not a disastrous drop off. MarQueis Gray and A.J. Derby have been the starters at tight end, and it has not been a disastrous drop off to Mike Gesicki. Reshad Jones out, Minkah Fitzpatrick to safety and Torry McTyer to cornerback has not been disastrous. Even with the loss of Josh Sitton, it was rough at first, but Ted Larsen has not been disastrous. The Dolphins have had some bad luck - especially when it is already 60 percent of the offensive line has missed time due to injury. Yes, there has been a drop off when a starter is replaced, but it is hard to have 53 starting caliber players on the team.

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