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Phinsider Radio - How should the Miami Dolphins go about getting insurance for Ryan Tannehill?

This week’s episode of Phinsider Radio is dedicated to the quarterback situation. More specifically, how should the Miami Dolphins insure themselves with Ryan Tannehill?

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

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This week’s edition of Phinsider Radio is a unique one as we dive head first into the quarterback situation. More specifically, we talk about the different ways the Miami Dolphins can get insurance for Ryan Tannehill.

Draft a quarterback in the first two days of the draft

We take on the elephant in the room and discuss what it would mean if the Dolphins drafted a quarterback in the first, second or third round. Does this necessarily mean it’s the end of Ryan Tannehill in Miami or is it simply the smart thing to do?

Weighing other needs vs. quarterback

Let’s say both Roquan Smith and Baker Mayfield are on the board when the Miami Dolphins are on the clock. Who should they draft? The crew takes this head on and gives their answers as to what they would do if they were running the team.

Looking at the financial reality of Ryan Tannehill’s contract

The Dolphins can get out of Tannehill’s contract after the 2018 season. His contract expires after the 2020 season. What salary cap ramifications would his contract have on the team if they decide to re-sign him at the end of the 2020 season?

All of this and more!

Besides those primary topics, we look at other factors and angles, including if we’d rather have certain quarterbacks in the NFL over Tannehill. We also do a rapid fire segment for the Phinsider Radio mailbag!

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