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2018 Super Bowl: Best places to watch the game

AFC Championship - Jacksonville Jaguars v New England Patriots Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Where will you be watching the Super Bowl in just over a week? Is it your favorite place to watch the game? Are you a sports bar type of person? Are you a big party type of person? What is your favorite place to watch the Super Bowl.

I personally am usually a sit at home alone type of person. That is actually how I watch most football games. In recent years, I have started watching non-Dolphins games at a sports bar, but I like to be able to (a) hear the game and (b) be able to switch to another game whenever I want. Plus, I talk to the TV, so that becomes weird when you are sitting in a sports bar.

So, my “best place to watch the game” is sitting on my couch. I know...I am amazing. You wish you could live the life I live, don’t you?

Where’s your “best place to watch the Super Bowl.”