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Dolphins ‘prohibitive’ demands stopped Ravens trade for Jarvis Landry

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins - Jarvis Landry saga continues, as both sides try to find a way to keep the team’s single season receptions record holder in South Florida. Landry seems to want to stay with the Dolphins, the Dolphins seem to want to keep Landry, but either side has a very different dollar amount associated with any contract that may eventually be signed. Recent speculation indicates the Dolphins could allow Landry to test free agency, even to the extent that they may allow him to sign somewhere else when the new league year starts in mid-March.

Landry wants to be paid among the elite receivers in the league. The Dolphins are thought to be looking to keep his annual salary a few million dollars below that mark. That does not mean the Dolphins do not think highly of their 2014 second-round pick.

According to a report from the Baltimore Sun, the Baltimore Ravens made a push last year to acquire Landry from the Dolphins. However, the asking price for the trade, according to the report, was “prohibitive,” though no specifics of the price were reported. The Sun speculates that the Ravens could make another push to get Landry if he hits the free agent market, but could again find the price - this time in dollars per year - still too prohibitive.

If the Dolphins do not find a way to re-sign Landry, some team will end up paying him something at least close to his asking price. Whatever the case, the Dolphins were asking for enough in return to chase off potential trade partners. Now, they need to decide if they want to lose Landry without receiving anything in return.