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Super Bowl 2018: Greatest Moment in Super Bowl history

New York Giants' wide receiver David Tyree pins the ball to Photo by Corey Sipkin/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

We are 12 days away from the Philadelphia Eagles facing off against the evil empire of the New England Patriots for the Super Bowl championship. Super Bowl LII is the 52nd edition of the league’s championship game, which means there are plenty of options for the best moment in Super Bowl history. Do you have a favorite?

I came up with three options. The first one comes from before my time with the team, but I know plenty of you remember this one. It is, of course, the Miami Dolphins winning Super Bowl VII, claiming their first title and completing the Perfect Season. The memorable play from that game is Garo Yepremian’s attempted pass/batting of the ball that led to the first fumble return for a touchdown in Super Bowl history. The game was sealed, however, with a Vern Den Herder sack as the clock hit zero and Miami won the game 14-7.

My second option is another obvious one for Dolphins fans, the Super Bowl XLII helmet catch by David Tyree that led to the New York Giants beating the Patriots. How Eli Manning was not sacked on that play is amazing. How Tyree caught the ball by sticking it to his head makes it a miracle. And, the game ended the Patriots attempt at matching the Dolphins’ Perfect Season.

Finally, a non-Dolphins choice, is Super Bowl XLI in Miami in 2007. The Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears faced off in a pouring rain - with Prince playing at halftime (which could be the moment in and of itself) - with the Colts coming away with the Lombardi Trophy. That win gave Peyton Manning, the game’s MVP, his first ring and removed the “can’t win the big one” moniker from one of the game’s great quarterbacks. Even with a Bears fan father, seeing Peyton win that trophy after all the criticism for his first nine seasons was special.

Now, it is your turn. What is you favorite Super Bowl moment?